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  • This awesome video which shows examples of the numerous acts of kindness that the Prophet did in his life!
  • This Nasheed is a favourite!
  • Great for young kids:
  • That’s what Muhammad said:
  • Beam of Light:
  • This brought a smile to my face:
  • This full length cartoon is a must-watch:
  • The Message:
  • Muhammad: The Messenger of God
  • An interesting and beautiful video about drawing the Prophet. May bring up lots to discuss with your older children…I know it did with mine!
  • A short clip on the Prophet:

He is a MERCY to the worlds

Our beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was brought down as a mercy to mankind. “And we have not sent you but a mercy to the worlds”

Posted by Ahlulbayt TV on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

  • Never be ashamed of the name, Muhammad:
  • Jean Claude Van Damme on the Prophet
  • An entire stadium singing the praises of the Prophet (saw):
  • A puppet show on the death of the Prophet: