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Umrah Idea 5: Take a bag of sweets!

by | Umrah

One of the beauties of Umrah is meeting people from all over the world, of all sects, who have come to the same place as yourself for the same reason.

Sitting next to each other during Salaat or just while sitting in the harams is a great opportunity to get conversations going, connections made and learning from each other – and what better way to break the ice than with some sweets?!

If you’re not the conversational type, not to worry – it’s also just a great way to get someone to smile 🙂

My daughter and her cousins loved giving out sweets to the children around them at different mosques, and one instance of giving out sweets after Salaat led to meeting and talking to some lovely people.

A simple but amazing way to build unity in our hearts 🙂