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Thoughtful Gift Ideas 69: Personalised ZamZam Water (plus bee feed!)

by | Eid, Thoughtful Gifts

I came across this post on IlmFeed on FB and loved it. Sharing as seen:

“My nephew and nieces gifted me this lovely personalised bottle with zamzam water last Eid. Once we’d finished the zamzam, I filled it up with sugar water. The perfect size to pop into my bag on my walks.

I keep the sugar water for the bees. They get exhausted and sometimes can’t fly. Yesterday on our morning walk we came across two bees together. One looked dead. The other one was twitching, but finding it hard to move. I poured some sugar water and waited. First one flew away within 30seconds of drinking the sugar water alhamdulillah. The second is pictured here. Poor creature was so exhausted. It took a bit longer to drink and recover, but eventually flew off very energetically alhamdulillah 🐝 ❤️
Please watch out for tired bees and feed them some sugar water or fizzy if you see them exhausted like this.
Shared by: Waheeda Islam”