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Thoughtful Gift Ideas 64: Honey

by | Eid, Thoughtful Gifts

Now comes my most favourite part of the year! Gift giving has a special place in Islam, and we have all heard about the importance of gifts as a way of communicating love. In particular, thoughtful gifts are so so precious, because they show the time and effort that goes into the making it special for the recipient.
Alhamdulillah, these days we have an exploding amount of Islamic gifts that we can get for all ages, but gifts don’t need to be specifically bespoke or outright Islamic to be meaningful! Just adding an apt message to something can make it meaningful and thoughtful!

One family have made it an annual ritual to gift honey, something that is mentioned in the Quran, is healthy and wholesome, and enjoyed by all! The message on the tag is the cherry on top :) It says: May the sweetness and blessing of Ramadan continue all year round!