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Thoughtful Gift Ideas 1: Water with Duas/Honey

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Hope everyone had a lovely Eid inshallah!  I thought I would share some of the gifts that we got that were so thoughtful!

There is something very special when someone puts in the extra effort for a gift. In fact, Islam places a lot of significance on gifts… the Prophet (SAW) has said: “Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.”

Near the end of Ramadhan, I received an e-mail from Zakira Ummulbanin Merali (QFatima) and with her kind permission, thought I would share it with you all, before sharing some thoughtful gift ideas for this year.

‘Gift giving is more than just the thought. It’s the thought, the gift, the intention – the whole package. The best gifts are ones that directly think of the recipient. Gifts shouldn’t be given out of obligation but from the heart especially for those you love.

The greatest gifts are those that leave an indelible mark on the soul – They require a thought process – I call it emotional intelligence.

BUT… What do you give? The traditional ‘plate’ of sweetmeats is safe… But then is it just an easy option? Is it healthy?
Do you put thought into each person you give a gift to or do you just give cash?
What do you do with those unwanted presents? Do you recycle them? Is it rude?
Do you cherish gifts? What about the handmade gift made by a child?

These are some of my favourites from children from whom I learn and whose memories I will take to my grave:

1. A note from a 7 year old which says “I could not decide what to get you for Eid – I wanted it to be different but I couldn’t find anything. Then I read 100x ‘Ilahiy kayfa ad’uka…”

2. A notebook with a note on the inside front “There is not a single qunoot in which I don’t pray for your long life and happiness…”

3. A framed picture of the aya of Qur’an ‘ Rabb build for me a house with You in Janna…”

4. A carefully painted picture of a street in Janna with the childs house and an arrow to the house next door saying – Ummi Aunty’s house…”

So here’s a suggestion: Let’s take this opportunity to do something for each other this Eid……. Make a list of all those who have touched your heart and on Eid night which is an awesome night, you could pray Salatul Layl (Namaz Shab) and remember each person by name in Salatul Witr). I cannot think of a better Eid gift…’

So here’s one to start this series off! Check out this awesome gift 🙂 All it is is two bottles of water and a small pot of honey, but they are oh-so-special…

Along with the honey is a little note about what the Prophet has said about the benefits of honey, the larger bottle of water has been lovingly recited Jawshane-Kabeer on with an explanation about this powerful dua, and the other bottle has the benefits of Sura Al-Hamd on it…

Doesn’t get more meaningful and personal than this!