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Interfaith Christmas Cards

“Absolutely LOVE your Xmas cards! Am very close with my neighbours so wanted to send them something, and this is perfect. Love the wording – its perfect. Thank you!” Fawzia, London

“Thank you so much for the Christmas cards. The Al-Asr Scout Group gave one to the leaders of another scout group who have helped them over the years. My son also gave the cards to his football coaches who have been training him through the year and we also gave one to a home-educating family who have kindly arranged for us to have our meet ups in a church during the cold weather…. the cards were perfect for all!! thank you so much!” Arifa, London

“Salam, I’ve just received my cards. They’re very nice, thank you so much! I am handing them out to my neighbours this week I have been looking for something like this for a very long time and so glad that you took the initiative to make such lovely cards :)” Sara, London

“These were fabulous. We distributed them with Xmas presents to many of our neighbours and they were very well received. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves and our noisy kids ;) and get to know many of them. Their reactions included inviting us in, reciprocating with beautiful  flowers and my favourite,  a handwritten letter of appreciation through our letterbox. It  has initiated a warm neighbourly relationship.” Fatemah, London

I live in Seattle, Washington and ordered some Eid Cards from Buzz Productzz last Eid- Ul- Fitr. We handed the cards out along with some home made fudge to teachers, neighbors, and the school bus driver. It was a really nice way to connect and share this happy occasion with people from other faiths. Will be ordering some more cards next year! Mumtaz, Seattle

“I occasionally speak to a stereotypically white butch man who could come across being a supporter of the far right-wing but who works in my child’s school. However, I was wrong and I was delighted to know that he was a lovely supportive person who was quiet well-versed in what was happening around us. This was the first year I bought a box of biscuits and gave him a Christmas card bought from Buzz. When seeing me at school, he looked quite emotional, took out the card from his vest pocket and thanked me saying: ‘I am going to Church and will share this card with them. I really liked the card.’ This man is often surrounded by men who have hatred towards Muslims and I am aware of this as he constantly shares his political views and experiences with me. So I guess I get the gossip on some people who “hang around the pubs”, as he puts is. My action was merely a pebble being thrown in the ocean; but if I have thrown it with precision, it can have a rippling effect.” Sukaina, London

Eid Card Range 

“Love at first sight, wonderful products and sensibly priced hence bought three packs for the whole street.” Mushtaq, London

“The neighbour Eid Cards were an excellent idea. I sent to all my 34 neighbours. The message inside of “Thank you for being my neighbour” gave it a personal touch. A lot of the neighbours came to say Thank you and wanted to know more about Ramadhan. Looking forward to new designs this year.” Zeenat, London

“Yesterday we got an unexpected ring at the door. It was our elderly Jewish neighbors from across the street inviting us over to their house for a cup of tea. Our neighborhood is notoriously known for keeping to themselves, partly because most of the owners are elderly. Every year however for Christmas and Eid we would be encouraged by Buzz Ideazz to go visit our neighbors with a friendly card and box of chocolates, which were always received with surprise and gratitude. This must have been the motivation for our neighbors to on this day to ring our doorbell and invite us over for tea. Us being Muslim to their Judaism and with 50 years of age difference I was a bit apprehensive about what we would discuss. However we were greeted warmly with tea and great conversation and ended up staying for 1 and a half hours! We left the house feeling happy and content, we knew we had made relations we could count on for a lifetime.” Sarah, London

“Thank you so much for coming up with the neighbours Eid Cards. My daughter bought them at the mosque for our neighbours, and my kids went round and delivered them with sweets. Our non-muslim neighbour was so touched by this gesture that she felt she was part of our celebration and wanted to know more about what eid was. My kids learnt such a beautiful way that giving was far better then receiving and that such a small gesture could have such a big impact. Thank you Buzz cards!” Nasekah, London

Eid Mubarak Stickers 

“The ‘Eid Mubarak’ stickers were fantastic! My kids were over joyed to put the stickers on the treats and felt very proud to share with the rest of the school!” Shagufta, London

“I bought a pack of eid stickers from buzz ideazz last year to use them as toppers on tubs of home-made play dough for my younger children’s friends. I loved the stickers so much I wanted them to be used and kept for as long as possible. The children really liked the gift pots topped with ‘eid Mubarak’.

For grown ups we covered a plate of fruit and chocolates in clear wrap tied up with bookmark/gift tag made by using the sticker on mini-bookmark size card… We had some of them asking for extra bookmarks to use and to take for family and friends…. The bookmarks are still being used today! Thanks Buzz Ideazz!” Arifa, London


“As salam alaikum. I heard about your page through the show on Ahlul Bayt TV. I think you have created an amazing forum for sharing of ideas. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I am blessed with a 21 months old son. Originally a Sunni, I want my son to be certain of his faith and bear the love of Ahlul Bayt A.S. in his heart all the time. I often contemplate how I am going to explain my faith to my son who is growing up in a city/country where we are still in budding stages of managing a hussainiyah etc. Inshaallah, these ideas will provide some guidance to me. May Allah SWT bless all of those who are involved in this.” Hafsa, New Zealand

“Buzz Ideazz has been a wonderful resource and a usual Facebook page to follow. There is always something new to learn and explore – it sure is buzzing with inspiring, widely-sourced and fun Islamic concepts, references and ideas to better myself and my family!” Aaliya, New Jersey