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Prophet Muhammad (saw) – Resources

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Here are a few resources that might help when teaching children about the Prophet:

  • How about starting the discussion off in a fun way, while still sharing SO much info about the Prophet? Here is an activity bag by Islam From The Start where there are objects relating to the Prophet’s ahadith in a bag, and the children pull each item out and guess the related hadith.
  • Here is a whole e-book full of ideas and activities for children aged 5-7 years by Islam From The Start
  • How about holding a Show and Tell on the Prophet? Children can bring in something from home that they can relate to the Prophet…
  • Here are some good worksheets for younger children than can be printed and used.
  • Here are a bunch of resources by QFatima on the Prophet, including workbooks for children and a card set for 40 ahadith.
  • Here is a clear visual timeline on the Prophet’s life by Reflect14.
  • Here is a book on the Prophet for older children.
  • Here are a collection of resources from Kisa Kids, including project booklets, crafts and decorations.
  • Here is an e-book on the character and akhlaq of the Prophet
  • This jeapordy game on the Prophet and 6th Imam!