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Helping Hungry Children

This is what the fundraising series is all about. Raising money for children like Kidawa.

Please do get involved by fundraising (and sending in your ideas on how!), donating and supporting the fundraising children through your messages and duas.

Why not watch this with your kids to kick start a conversation and brainstorming session!

Fundraising Series

Fundraising Series

Sooooo….now that we have decorated and welcomed Ramadhan and are settling into Ramadhan (Inshallah!), we are going to focus on one very important aspect of this month – charity.

In particular, Buzz Ideazz is teaming up with The World Federation of KSIMCto encourage the Children Help Children campaign, which is now in it’s fourth year of running. This year, they will send money to children in Iraq, Inshallah.

So to encourage our children to get involved, Buzz Ideazz is going to do a Fundraising Ideazz Series!

Have you raised funds with your children before? Send in your ideas and let’s see if we can help instill our kids with a sense of giving, teach them about other children out there, help them fill their Sawaab-e-Jaariya banks, and have fun in the process too!‘children-helping-children’-campaign