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Islamic English Plays

Islamic English Plays

Visual narrations are an amazing way to teach and show children events of historical importance. Alhamd, many communities around the world perform plays on a wide range of topics – here we have collected just a few. If you have any more scripts, please do share – so that others can use them too!

Play on the Prophet (saw)

Play on the life of Bibi Fatima (as) – Fatemah is Fatemah (as)

Play on Bibi Sakina – An Orphan’s Tale

Play on Lamentation – with an emphasis on Debel

Play on Bibi Zainab – Portrait of Perfection

Play on the Life of Lady Narjis Khatoon (sa) – click here for mentioned audio files

Play on Ziyarat Nahiya

Play on the death of Bibi Fatima (as) (from death of Prophet)

Play on Western vs Islamic Lifestyle

Play on Prophet Shoaib

Play on Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari

Play on Dua Tawassul

Play on Dua Mashlool

Husayn Day Play on The Gift of Time by Waliul Asr

Husayn Day Play on the Lives of Ulemas by Waliul Asr

Husayn Day Play on Kerbala to the return of Imam Mahdi (aj) by Waliul Asr

Play about a Baligha Girl

Play on Imam Hassan (A.S.)-The Loneliest Commander V7

Plays on Imam Mahdi (aj)

Laylatul Qadr 11: Time Management of the Nights

Here is one way to ensure that the precious time during the nights of Qadr do not get wasted!

Created by Zakira Ummi Merali (QFatima), I have adopted its use to make it a bit more child-friendly – use according to your child’s age! Older children will be staying up longer and so will be able to do more, and so on… but remember, it’s QUALITY not quantity! Don’t force too much on them. Even if they want to stay up but not do the activities and just read, that’s OK – it’s a balance…

This is just a preview of the Time management sheet – to download and print, see the dropbox link below.


9.21pm – Maghrib and Isha Salaat – IFTAR (eat light!)

10.30pm – Duas and Amaal



1.30am – Recite Sura Qadr/Dua ‘Ahad (Nur), have sehri, do ghusl and pray the Night Prayer

2.49am – Fajr Salaat and Recite Quran
This is witnessed as per 17:78 – “Indeed the dawn recital is attended [by angels].”

5.06am – Sunrise – do one last sajdah and then go to sleep!

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES (to fill in the empty boxes of time):
• Write down a list of things you are grateful for
• Write down a list of things you are sorry about
• Write down a list of people to pray for
• Write down a list of your duas for the year ahead
• Think about your goals for yourself for the year ahead – break it down into physical goals, spiritual goals, mental goals and emotional goals
• Think about all the things that may be stopping you from these goals
• Do a craft activity on Laylatul Qadr
• Write a letter to the 12th Imam
• Read a book about the Imams
• Do an Islamic workbook
• Go into Sajdah and just talk to Allah

*See for a more comprehensive look at Laylatul Qadr activities, ways to pray for children and craft ideas.