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Parenting Lessons from Sura Luqman – Productive Muslim

Parenting Lessons from Sura Luqman – Productive Muslim

Some great advice from the story of Surah Luqman for parents in a two-part series.


“We all want to raise our children to grow up into adults whose center is Allah , to love and fear Him, find peace in salah, look for their answers in the Qur’an, try to live their life according to the Sunnah of the Messenger , be patient during trying times and not lie or cheat, and the list goes on. There are so many attributes we want our children to have when they grow up. But what are the most important attributes that we must try our best to inculcate in our children?

As I studied the ayahs in Quran, Surah Luqman, I realized how wise Luqman’s  advice was to his son. He did not give a long list of dos and don’ts like I would have done! If we try our best to work on the advice that Luqman  gave his son, for ourselves and our children, In sha Allah, we would save ourselves from delivering long lectures and awkward scenarios.”

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