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Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Eid is an important time to encourage children to think of those who have less.

  • Here is a SUPER (and fun!) way to get children involved in giving back this Eid! Get them to fill up a shoe box with presents, wrap it nicely and add a message. Then it will get distributed to those that need a smile on their face 🙂

Over 20,000 Shoeboxes Full of Eid Gifts to be Sent to Syria from Britain

  • And how lovely is this? Muslims dress up as superheroes and give gifts to children in hospitals:

“These kids are going through an extremely tough time. We want to bring a smile to their faces, and show their parents that we care. Eid is a day of celebration, and we want these kids to share in the happiness, whatever background they come from.”

  • This is a lovely idea too: