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Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 2: Quran Journalling

One mum suggested this: “Try Quran Journalling! You get the kids their own Quran so they can decorate, mark ayahs, etc. We actually went all out and got scrap booking stickers and materials… after a majlis when we hear something we come home and mark it.”

  • QFatima has been encouraging Quran journalling for years and has recently published this helpful guide:
  • The tricky part is to find the right Quran to Quran journal in… many Bibles that i’ve seen in Bible Journalling posts have a lot of space on the sides to draw pics on, etc. You also need a good Quran with a good translation… I ended up choosing Aga Quli Qarai’s Quran for my kids and QFatima has previously advocated Shakir.
  • Here is a great article on Quran Journaling for Kids with access to tabs and other resources to use.
  • And if you want a separate book to journal in, this reflective journal by The Tasbih Project is an excellent resource to print and use!

And here is a lovely clip on how she journals:

  • Quran in Mind Map Juz 1-29 in a series of Mind Maps as journalled by someone (source unknown)
  • Quran_Quest is a comprehensive workbook by Kisa Kids and includes lots of useful information plus a list of verses to tab in your Qurans.