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Syrian refugee giving back to Germany

Subhanallah. So so many lessons in this!

– When Allah puts us through a trial, it softens our heart then to others going through the same thing. So then we do something to help!

– The gift of giving is just something else. He spoke about how it’s not just about the food, it’s about caring and reaching out.

– He lost everything, but has managed to find himself through this work.

– One man is changing so many opinions/prejudices out there – it’s not just the homeless he is affecting!

– It doesn’t take a lot at all to give…

– And love the grandfather’s message at the end!

So inspiring, Mashallah 🙂

Ease after Difficulty…

Ease after Difficulty…

If you’re ever trying to teach your children the wisdom behind the difficult times that Allah puts us through, this past week has so much to offer…

I tend not to share political posts here, but these seem to be so appropriate in sharing with our children that there is always a bigger picture out there, and when Allah says that there will be ease after difficulty, He means it!

Take for example, the story and picture you must have seen by now of the refugee carrying his son who was kicked down by the camera woman. His story was spotlighted because of that and it became known that he was a soccer coach, and has since been asked to coach a team in Spain, and his son not only met Ronaldo but accompanied him into a game!

Then there’s the story of Ahmed, who built a clock and got ARRESTED at 14. And yet, the world now knows and admires him and he has offers to the best universities and companies, inlcuding google, MIT, etc. Not only that, but his father buying pizza for the media camped outside made news as well 🙂


Dig a little deeper and there are such stories behind many, many of the sad ones that we see. Surely He does know best!


Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Eid is an important time to encourage children to think of those who have less.

  • Here is a SUPER (and fun!) way to get children involved in giving back this Eid! Get them to fill up a shoe box with presents, wrap it nicely and add a message. Then it will get distributed to those that need a smile on their face 🙂

Over 20,000 Shoeboxes Full of Eid Gifts to be Sent to Syria from Britain

  • And how lovely is this? Muslims dress up as superheroes and give gifts to children in hospitals:

“These kids are going through an extremely tough time. We want to bring a smile to their faces, and show their parents that we care. Eid is a day of celebration, and we want these kids to share in the happiness, whatever background they come from.”

  • This is a lovely idea too: