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Ramadan Idea 12: Quran Recitation/Memorisation

Ramadan Idea 12: Quran Recitation/Memorisation

The Quran is obviously something we all will be focussing on – both in terms of recitation and memorisation. Here are some ideas on that:

  • This is a different take on the traditional group recitation of Quran in the Holy month (Quran Khani), sent in by a mum!

“This year we have tried something different in our classes. We have split the traditional square bench into 4 benches with only eight girls and two teachers (a ration of 1 teacher to 2 children, and grouped by age – 6-10, 11-16 years). This way, each child gets more recitation and individual attention for tajweed. We also have floating teachers for the very weak readers.

We recite for 20 mins then have 10 mins of PowerPoints about the Sura we are reading – the benefits of reading it, any story line within it, any particular ayah we want to focus on, and also the dua for that day. We then return to reading for the last 20 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, the girls have really enjoyed this way of doing it – and it combines both, recitation and understanding of our Holy book! It also prevents the children from getting distracted after a while due to the break in the middle.”

  • One mum created this light up Quranic box. She says: “We will put different objects that are in the Quran inside and begin discussions from them. Example- we will put animals in the box. Create excitement by turning the lights on the box on and off, open the box and talk about the story of Prophet Nuh. (Box credit goes to HIC Quran Club.)”

  • Have a target for memorisation – e.g. 3 small suras, or one long one.
  • Help your kids memorise in Ramadan with this DIY weekly chart
  • Here is something to motivate them and you to start memorising!