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Public Speaking Activity Day

Public Speaking Activity Day

Alhamdulillah, we had the Public Speaking workshop and Story-Time session last Wednesday!

The 8 to 10 year olds had their session first upstairs with Public Speaker Mentors Safia Tharoo and Sarah Yusufali Fazel. They all had opportunities to come up and speak and read out texts, and then worked on their public speaking skills such as tone, voice projection, etc… They were followed in the second hour by the 11 to 13 year olds.

Downstairs, keeping with the theme of public speaking, we had Islamic Story Bags in a room where the younger children could go through the bags and tell the story of what happened to their parents (or vice versa!). The bags ranged from Sura Feel to Prophet Musa, Prophet Adam and much more…

There were also two related crafts for them to do – they could make the apple tree from Prophet Adam’s story as well as make an origami whale from Prophet Yunus’ story!

We finished off as always with Story Time – the stories chosen were recent additions to the library and focused on tales of refugees and their struggles, appropriate for little ones to get an understanding of the current situation but without overwhelming them with the details. Stories and books are an essential and necessary medium to allow our children to learn about the world around them!

Lastly – Alhamdulillah, the event raised £177 for Yemen!

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Fundraising Idea 8: Give them the spotlight!

Fundraising Idea 8: Give them the spotlight!

Alhamdulillah, children from an early age are able to empathise and want to help others. Fundraising builds on this, and allows them to have a desire to help others from a young age.

Why not then allow them to share why they are doing this with others? Abbasali Hemraj gave a speech at mosque, and (along with other fundraising activities) raised more than £2,300!!

Involve them in the speech writing process, so they feel passion for what they are saying. And don’t worry if you feel they are quite young – just write a speech in accordance to their capabilities.

Ask your centre if they can have 5 minutes of the programme to give a speech. Most centres would be more than willing, I am sure! It is also a great way to build confidence in the children, and promote public speaking skills.

Lastly, upload their speech on to YouTube and spread the word that way!