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Prophet Muhammad (saw) Themed Party Bags

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Themed Party Bags

I LOVE what one mum did to mark the Prophet’s birthday!

‘We made Prophet Muhammad themed party bags and dropped them off at his friends house with the message below.

“Abdulhafeedh and Fatimah are so excited to celebrate Prophet Muhammad (saw) birthday with you all…

We have packed a bag with items to help us learn about this great man.

Grapes: The prophet used to love eating grapes (see story also to share with kids also below!)

Dates: This was one of Prophet Muhammad (saw) favourite food!

Raisins: The prophet loved eating raisins especially for breakfast.

Scented playdough: Scented because the prophet loved nice smell. With the playdough make a model of something to do with Prophet Muhammad (saw) and send us a picture☺️

Erasable crayons: Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an if you ask the prophet for forgiveness he will forgive you. Your mistakes will go away like the crayon. Always say sorry.

Sweet jelly: The Prophet (saw) said “He who gives sweets to his brother will be saved from the bitterness of death” or in kid terms – have a nice life 😉

Balloons: To celebrate this great man 🥰”’

Baligha Parties – Party Favours

Baligha Parties – Party Favours

Ideas for PARTY FAVOURS in Buloogh Parties:

  • The crafts they have made!
  • Prayer bag (including prayer mat, mohr, tasbih, dua book, etc)
  • Chaadar
  • A scarf/maqna
  • Hijaab pins/bands
  • Buloogh Journal
  • A Salaah Record Book
  • Pop up cup for going to washroom when out
  • Perfume
  • Socks
  • Personalised Tasbeehs
  • Check out what one mum did! Each of the items in the party bag meant something special to the girl’s becoming baligha 🙂

2016-05-26 11.20.50

  • Another mum had a beauty theme to the party and so gave out the following:

The contents were:
Lip gloss
Nail polish
Stick on earrings
Nail file
Gold foil chocolate heart

She even gave the adults something too! A candle with the following message:

  • I love love love this gift that was given out to girls at a baligha party which was held just before Ramadan! It’s basically the perfect kit for the children to bring in to mosque every night – the bag is labelled so nothing gets lost, and is big enough to hold their own food plates/containers also – which means less styrofoam and plastic being used overall – win, win!

  • Also love this baligha party favour pack sent in by a mum 🙂

Body odor isn’t pleasant, cover it up with body spray
Attar freshens your senses before you pray
Log your good deeds and qaza salaah or fasts in your notepad
Illuminate your heart with dhikr of Allah through the use of the Mohr n tasbih
Get rid of body odor with the soft smelling powder
Hand over your tears to Sayyida fatema (a.s) in your handkerchief for shifa on Qiyama
Avoid bacteria by sanitizing