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A Poor Philanthropist!

A great example of how you don’t need to be rich to be giving!

As well as our Prophets and Imams who gave whatever little they have, why not share this modern day example with your children?

Modesty and Clothes Shopping

Modesty and Clothes Shopping

In case you haven’t seen this article yet, am sharing:

Shopping for our girls – especially over the summer – is down right annoying. This author is based in the US but the problem is world wide.

The reason I am sharing is to emphasise how we CAN make a difference. We often tend to complain about things, but perhaps next time we should pick up a pen? It is mightier than the sword after all… 

Another of my pet peeves is advertising – billboards and the like. A few years ago I emailed the Transport for London about the shocking ads that were plastered around stations, which made me think twice about going on the underground with my kids. It’s not just the tube though…it’s advertising on billboards everywhere 

Am thinking of taking up the issue again…anyone up for the challenge?