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Neighbour Eid Card Initiative for Centres

Neighbour Eid Card Initiative for Centres

Following the success of the unique Interfaith Christmas Card project to the neighbours of our centres (see link below), Alhamdulillah Buzz Ideazz have worked with several centres around London to do the same this Eid!

Yesterday, Hyderi Centre in South distributed 100 of our Neighbour Eid Cardzz tho those living in the vicinity of their mosque. Here is the synopsis:

“Further to this afternoon’s Neighbourhood Club initiative, Alhumdulillah the distribution was completed successfully to 100 of Hyderi’s neighbours. We thank you all very much & esp the members of Hyderi who generously gave up their time despite fasting on this sunny day to personally invite our neighbours. Chocolate boxes, Eid cards & the personal invitation to the Interfaith program tomorrow were v.well received Mashallah.

However noise & talking outside houses late at night was highlighted as an issue that needs to be addressed, with 1 neighbour having to move bedrooms as the noise was very disturbing. Let us please remember to lower our voices & be considerate of neighbours at all times iA.

Insha’Allah we will continue with this Neighborhood Club initiative, continue to hear their thoughts & concerns & make positive changes to foster our relationship with our neighbours for Imam Sajjad a.s explains they have rights on us, we all must fulfill inshAllah. The smile of appreciation from our neighbours was priceless though. May it continue all year long iA.”

Here is the link to the Christmas initiative:



Hajj Idea 9 – Reach out to Neighbours and the Community

Hajj Idea 9 – Reach out to Neighbours and the Community

Why not spread some love and reach out to neighbours and those who help in the community this Eid! There’s nothing like a box of chocs and a card (Buzz one of course :)) to spread our appreciation and love to those around us!

In case you haven’t seen that post, on Eid-ul-Fitr we went to the police, the library, the fire station and the Doctor’s – and left a little something for the postman too!


Celebrating Eid: Idea 5 – Share it with the Neigbours and those around you

Celebrating Eid: Idea 5 – Share it with the Neigbours and those around you

Sharing Eid with our neighbours has been my passion for many years – in fact, one of the very first products created by Buzz Ideazz was a card specifically for non-Muslim neighbours.

We went round to the neighbours today! It started pouring in the middle so we had to take a quick break, but oh well 🙂 This time we took some chocolates (check out these Eid Mubarak ones Guylian has come out with) as I’m all baked out – plus we usually give them baked goods so this was a nice change! Alhamdulillah came back with having caught up with what they’ve been up to, some more phone numbers, feeling more secure (as one of them said our alarm had gone on a few days ago and he had come to check the place out to make sure it was OK), and a warm, fuzzy feeling too 🙂

P.S. Here is our neighbour’s card and treat for this year (2014):

P.P.S. It’s 2021! We’ve been at our house for nearly 15 years now and I’ve tried to mix it up a bit over the years! But it was usually only to the houses closer to us. For the last two years, ever since lockdown began and a WhatsApp group for our entire road was created, we have gifted the entire road a little something. These personalised chocs are what we ended up doing for this year – something small enough to be sustainable, but hopefully meaningful! It was well received, Alhamdulillah 🙂

  • And i absolutely LOVED this Eid of sharing Eid with anyone around by decorating the car full of chocs! The idea was seen on FB (by Dua Kaylani) who said:
    “HAVE FUN THIS EID! The kids just finished this; decorating our car with chocolate – and already a lady walking by asked us what is Eid and took one!”