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Prophet Muhammad (saw) Themed Party Bags

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Themed Party Bags

I LOVE what one mum did to mark the Prophet’s birthday!

‘We made Prophet Muhammad themed party bags and dropped them off at his friends house with the message below.

“Abdulhafeedh and Fatimah are so excited to celebrate Prophet Muhammad (saw) birthday with you all…

We have packed a bag with items to help us learn about this great man.

Grapes: The prophet used to love eating grapes (see story also to share with kids also below!)

Dates: This was one of Prophet Muhammad (saw) favourite food!

Raisins: The prophet loved eating raisins especially for breakfast.

Scented playdough: Scented because the prophet loved nice smell. With the playdough make a model of something to do with Prophet Muhammad (saw) and send us a picture☺️

Erasable crayons: Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an if you ask the prophet for forgiveness he will forgive you. Your mistakes will go away like the crayon. Always say sorry.

Sweet jelly: The Prophet (saw) said “He who gives sweets to his brother will be saved from the bitterness of death” or in kid terms – have a nice life 😉

Balloons: To celebrate this great man 🥰”’

Relating our lives to the Prophets

Relating our lives to the Prophets

Sheikh Vinay Khetia recently gave a talk on parenting and emphasied how the stories and examples we should be giving our children should be from our holy personalities. This fits in so well! Have also included some posters which bring in another aspect also.

Shared from a post on Facebook:

Ask children what kind of a Prophet’s day they had:

Was it like a Jonah/Yunus day that you felt alone and trapped and thought to give up?


Was it like a Moses/Musa day that you weren’t sure if you could do what you were tasked with?


Was it like a Mary/Maryam day where someone mocked, judged, and made you feel rejected?

Was it like a Hajar day that you prayed, then acted and therefore were able to quench your own need and protect someone else you cared for?


Was it like a David/Dawud day that you had to stand up by yourself to a bully?

Was it like a Solomon/Sulayman day that you were so present in your surroundings you felt you could talk and connect with creatures people usually ignore?

Was it like a Noah/Nuh day that you stayed strong in what you believed in even as people laughed at your concerted, quiet confidence?


Was it like a Joseph/Yusuf day that you stayed humble even as you achieved leadership and were in charge of things?


Was it like an Adam or Eve day that you felt maybe scared you didn’t know what lay ahead and everything seemed new and overwhelming?


Was it like a Jesus/Esa day that you spoke up and defended someone even though you felt small?


Was it like a Prophet Muhammad day that you smiled easily at others and they thanked you for your kindness?



Spiritualize our youngsters’ struggles and successes by humanizing changemakers of scripture and bringing them alive to the reality of our days.

Be it so. Amen



Video Resources on the Prophet

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He is a MERCY to the worlds

Our beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was brought down as a mercy to mankind. “And we have not sent you but a mercy to the worlds”

Posted by Ahlulbayt TV on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

  • Never be ashamed of the name, Muhammad:

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