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Good Deed Series – 9: We OWE it to others to do good

In Islam, we are constantly told to give. It is our DUTY. To the extent that when the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina to escape being persecuted, those living in Medina (the Ansaar – the Helpers), even offered to share their homes and belongings. Indeed, if we all gave the way we should, there wouldn’t be any poverty in this world.

Sadaqa is to give from what we have – whether it be money, our time, or even a smile.

  1. This video touched me as it not only shows the extreme hunger these children face – how how thoughtful they still are. He wanted some for his sister too.

2. And this video shows us that we can do good in all sorts of way – this man is a millionaire but isn’t happy just giving of his money, but wants to do good in this way too. Truly inspiring!