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Quran memorisation series – Idea 3: Clarify your intention

Quran memorisation series – Idea 3: Clarify your intention

As we know, our niyyat is the key to everything. We need to closely look within to see what really is our intention to help our children memorise the suras of the Quran.

Is it because their peers are doing so? Is it to win a prize for a competition? Is it because your family expects you to and have made comments to that effect? Or is it simply for the sake of Allah and to help them get familiar with and learn His word.

All of the above may not be mutually exclusive! But figuring out which one dominates is essential for the journey ahead. If you are doing it for keeping up with the other perhaps (even if this may not be a conscious goal), then you may find yourself comparing them, or being overly critical when they don’t pick it up by a certain time. This will then end up negatively and with them put off by the whole thing, which is the last thing we want in the long run…

Believe me, I am telling myself this first. It is very easy to fall into this trap… And then suffer the consequences.

But inshallah if we are doing it for them to love and know Allah and His words, then we will guide with love, follow at their pace and not to fulfill our agenda, and give plenty of time for understanding also.

May He give us the tawfeeq to clarify and purify our intention for this path Inshallah, and help us fulfil our aim of closeness and love to Him!

Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 2: Technology

Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 2: Technology

As we all know, there is pretty much an app for everything these days 😉 And sure enough, there are app to help us and our children memorise the Suras from the Quran too!

Here is one: It’s always worth looking online to see what the latest options are out there.

This site is amazing as well:

You can choose which Qari you want, which surah you want, which ayah(s) and how many times you want it repeated. You can also choose to give yourself some time to recite after each ayah is played. 


Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 1: To Memorise or Understand?

So I have been hinting as to a new series that I would like to introduce leading us all the way to Ramadhan Inshallah…

As you may have guessed, it is to do with the Quran and our children! Ramadhan is THE month of the Quran, and as a mum, I would love for my children to develop closer relationships with the Quran. When thinking about this though, it was clear that there are several aspects to this.

Ummi aunty Merali (aka DON!) always says there are 5 parts: READ, MEMORISE, UNDERSTAND, APPLY & TEACH.

We have alhamdulillah covered a little bit of learning how to READ through the Arabic Alphabet Series ( and so I was torn between MEMORISE and UNDERSTAND – was it more important for my children to memorise, or understand the Quran first?

Somehow, Allah always sends the right thing at the right time, and yesterday I came across this awesome clip from Nouman Ali Khan. As always, the middle path is the one – but what I loved was that even through the process of memorisation, understanding can be achieved – the repetition, slowing down, etc, will allow for a deeper look at the words…

And so for this series, we shall be focussing on tips to help our children (and us!) memorise the Quran inshallah! Then, at a later date, we will hopefully do another series focussing on shifting this memorisation to a deeper understanding and application of the verses.

PLEASE do send in your tips of how you helped your children memorise! As always, I can’t do this without all of your wonderful ideas and creative ways – PM me, or feel free to email me at – look forward to hearing from you and getting started!

Ramadan Idea 12: Quran Recitation/Memorisation

Ramadan Idea 12: Quran Recitation/Memorisation

The Quran is obviously something we all will be focussing on – both in terms of recitation and memorisation. Here are some ideas on that:

  • This is a different take on the traditional group recitation of Quran in the Holy month (Quran Khani), sent in by a mum!

“This year we have tried something different in our classes. We have split the traditional square bench into 4 benches with only eight girls and two teachers (a ration of 1 teacher to 2 children, and grouped by age – 6-10, 11-16 years). This way, each child gets more recitation and individual attention for tajweed. We also have floating teachers for the very weak readers.

We recite for 20 mins then have 10 mins of PowerPoints about the Sura we are reading – the benefits of reading it, any story line within it, any particular ayah we want to focus on, and also the dua for that day. We then return to reading for the last 20 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, the girls have really enjoyed this way of doing it – and it combines both, recitation and understanding of our Holy book! It also prevents the children from getting distracted after a while due to the break in the middle.”

  • One mum created this light up Quranic box. She says: “We will put different objects that are in the Quran inside and begin discussions from them. Example- we will put animals in the box. Create excitement by turning the lights on the box on and off, open the box and talk about the story of Prophet Nuh. (Box credit goes to HIC Quran Club.)”

  • Have a target for memorisation – e.g. 3 small suras, or one long one.
  • Help your kids memorise in Ramadan with this DIY weekly chart
  • Here is something to motivate them and you to start memorising!