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Good Deeds – Magnet Activity

Good Deeds – Magnet Activity

Check out this awesome idea to make the reality of doing good deeds come alive for children from Islam From The Start!

“Lets imagine that good deeds are like magnetic objects and Allah is like the strongest magnet ever!

Take a few 1p/2p coins and for each coin, have the child say a good deed and place it into a box of non-magnetic items/rice.

‘Let’s see what happens when Allah sees you doing a good deed…He pulls you close to Him!’

Use a magnet and show how the good deed coins are pulled up by the magnet!
-Point out how there is no such thing as a ‘small’ good deed, all the coins were magnetic!
– It doesn’t matter if no-one saw you do the good deed. Even coins hidden at the bottom of the pile were pulled up by the magnet. Every good deed is seen by Allah and pulled towards Him!

Use the next 10 days to become familiar with the Quranic phrase, “Wa ahsin, do good”.

Fill out the magnet worksheet by writing one good deed done each day. Remember, every good deed brings you closer to Allah!”

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 3: Magnet and Story

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 3: Magnet and Story

So I look forward to receiving a gift from this person EVERY YEAR because it is always so thoughtful and we learn from it as well…

Check it out – it’s just a small smile magnet, but it accompanies a story and a powerful lesson behind it – the power of a smile and the fact that happiness is a consequence of giving.

The stories and mementos have varied every year but the concept is the same – a little something to hang up on the bulletin board or stick up on the fridge, along with a big something to learn through a poem/story/fable to stay with you forever!