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Magazine Review 4: Mujtaba Magazine

Magazine Review 4: Mujtaba Magazine

As reviewed by a mum:

It is an A4 sized magazine, very colourful and my kids and I both like the graphics. When we get our copy, my boys immediately go for the comic strip stories!

There are also interesting general knowledge facts, Mind benders and puzzles, a section for Young cooks, and Sports and Fitness. One feature i really like is a personal journal which gives a very realistic of someone’s experience, for example experiencing jealousy at a family dinner.

Other things include poems and stories of important figures, Asma’ul Husna and a Charter of Rights, which focuses on the different rights of people around us and the different parts of our body!

One section i especially liked was where children sent in their opinions about a certain topic – this one was about phones and technology – if we only need phones to text and cal, why do we need the most latest one?!

It is great for children age 7/8 onwards.

For more information, visit (although it is under construction at the moment) and here is the facebook link:

Magazine Review 3: Young Hussainy Magazine

Magazine Review 3: Young Hussainy Magazine

This new magazine is literally FRESH off the presses…

Originally in Arabic, someone with a lot of passion has decided to make it available in English as well, giving it a fresh new look.

It has the usual comic strips, riddles and activities and recipes, but what i thought was unique was that each of these things has a related hadith at the bottom of the page. It also encourages a lot of interaction and feedback from the readers, and children will love sending in their artwork or letters and seeing it published alongside a picture of them! It also features interviews with children, such as one who recites eulogies.

Contact them on! Also here is their (developing) facebook page:

Magazine Review 2: Noor Kids

Magazine Review 2: Noor Kids

There is a lovely story on the Noor Kids website about the founder’s motivation to start this magazine/book, which i have shared at the bottom!

But a quick summary of Noor Kids first – using 4 main characters, it is created for 3-8 year old children. The magazine includes a cartoon strip, little games like Spot the Difference – but with Islamic themes such as Muslim Inventions, the introduction of Arabic words, and it also has an ‘In the Kitchen’ section, featuring different recipes. Each of these (and more!) is featured around a certain topic – Hajj, or honesty for example.

Here is the link for more info:

It is also available in the UK through this link:

And here is the founder’s story!

“She is due in four months,” my sister announced. I was going to be an uncle! But that night, as I thought about my childhood, I realized a bitter truth: I had been ashamed of my Muslim identity. Would my niece be ashamed of her identity as well? Not if I could help it.
That night, I relived painful memories. I had loved when my mom cheered during baseball games – but after 9/11, I became embarrassed of her headscarf and asked her to stop attending. Fasting had taught me gratitude – but, when friends asked about it, insecurity caused me to hide the Islamic intentions behind my practice. Time and again, I felt ashamed of my faith in front of my American peers.

I wish I had not been so embarrassed of my identity. “What about my niece?” I thought to myself. I could not let her face the same challenges that I experienced. I began surveying parents at my mosque to see if they shared the concern. They did. Unanimously.

My brother and I found purpose: let’s make sure that our children don’t experience the same challenges with their Muslim identity that we did. Six months later, we garnered support from Harvard to publish our first book. The rest, as they say, was history. (We’re a little older now… the picture was from a couple of years ago. **Many years ago :-p)

Magazine Review 1: Discover Kids

Magazine Review 1: Discover Kids

Have you read any young adult novels by award winning and multiple children’s book author, Naima B Robert? She is also the founding editor of the UK-based Muslim woman SISTERS magazine and Discover is another one of her babies.

The magazine is created for curious Muslim kids. Each monthly issue features stories, information, games, puzzles, art and science projects, experiments and crafts with an Islamic theme.

DISCOVER is based on a cast of 4 main characters with a wide range of interests – Muhammad, A’isha, Nusaybah and Khalid – and it is through these characters that the readers are introduced to the information, activities and projects.

What I especially liked about the magazine is the layout. Often magazines are very busy, which sometimes makes it a little overwhelming! Discover Kids has a clear layout with plenty of useful information packed in its articles, and bright and appealing graphics.

Check out more details here: