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Rajab Idea 9: Resources for Mab’ath

Rajab Idea 9: Resources for Mab’ath

Here are some ideas for marking the Day of Mab’ath with your children:

  • I love this felt storyboard one mum made (pictured as main photo)
  • The event would make an ideal role play, so dress them up in costumes and have them re-enact the event of Mab’ath
  • This is a great booklet on the event (and other activities on Rajab) by Kisa Kids with their Spiritual Season booklets.

  • Some clips:

Ask your kids these questions after watching the video above:
1. Where did the Holy Prophet (SAW) often go to spend time with Allah?
2. What is the name of the cave?
3. What mountain is the cave in?
4. What city is the mountain near?
5. Who brought the first revelation?
6. The first few verses were from which Surah?
7. What Surah number is it in the Holy Qur’an?
8. What was the first word? What does it mean in English?
9. Who were the first people the Holy Prophet (SAW) told about the First Revelation?
10. When do we celebrate Imam Ali (AS)’s birthday?
11. What date did the first revelation take place?
12. Why are we lucky?

This is also available as a PDF: The First Revelation