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Laylatul Qadr 5: Istighfar for Children

Laylatul Qadr 5: Istighfar for Children

Here’s something that will make the ‘Istighfar’ part of the night of Laylatul Qadr come to life for children (and us!)… I tried this last night with my two and I think it really sank in (i did 10 crosses though…maybe this can be adjusted according to the age/capability of the child).

Thank you again, Islam From the Start!

“The little one’s Laylatul Qadr prayer book is ready. To involve him and help him understand the tasbeeh, I have marked 70 pencil Xs. Each one is to be rubbed out with his ‘Al Ghafoor’ eraser after every recitation of ‘Astaghfirullaha wa atoobu ilayh’. We pray Allah Al Ghafoor, will insha’Allah accept our forgiveness and rub out the wrong actions from the book of deeds that the angels have been writing in.

You can read about our learning the Asma ul Husna, Al-Ghaffor on last year’s blog post.”

Laylatul Qadr 4: Resources for Laylatul Qadr AND Imam Ali (as)’s Shahadat

Laylatul Qadr 4: Resources for Laylatul Qadr AND Imam Ali (as)’s Shahadat

Here are a collection of resources on Laylatul Qadr and also on Imam Ali (as)’s shahadat. They are often intertwined so i have placed them under one post.

Then there is a whole series of posts on making the most of these nights for yourselves and your kids!

Hope it is handy, and pls keep Buzz Ideazz in your duas!

Laylatul Qadr 3: Sura Ankabut – Arts and Crafts

Laylatul Qadr 3: Sura Ankabut – Arts and Crafts

For Sura Ankabut, recommended to be recited in Laylatul Qadr…make handprint spiders with your little ones! More details on this website:

Or how about this craft sent in by a mum? I love how her son chose to make it colourful, instead of black!


Here is another craft for slightly older children perhaps? They talked about the fragile web of the spider, and related it to this world…

ankabut ankabut2 ankabut3 ankabut4



Laylatul Qadr 2: Craft Ideas

Laylatul Qadr 2: Craft Ideas

Here are some craft ideas:

  • For this craft, all you need is a shoebox, some stars, a moon, angels, a Quran and a Musallah – oh yea, and don’t forget the string!

This is a great way to get children to create a scene and therefore make very visual the fact that angels descend on us from the heavens during this night, and also that the Quran came down on this night. It can link in perfectly with a discussion on Sura Qadr!

  • Here is one from Islam from the Start (pic on the main post):

“Simple Angel craft – draw around child’s hand for wings – if large group can make template for angel outline and circle head. – children can decorate with glitter – attach to a tissue roll to make it stand – form a halo using a pipe cleaner and stick onto the tissue roll to float over head.

Use it as a visual to talk about the angel Jibrael bringing down the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (saw) on the night of Qadr. You can also make a Quran stand using two cardboard strips, cut halfway through both to slot together. Make a small book by folding cardboard and covering with foil to symbolise the Quran.

Display together on a black cloth as a visual reminder of the night of Qadr and use it as a talking point.”

  • Or how about this, to mark the revelation of the Quran on Laylatul Qadr in the Cave of Hira?
  • One mum made a cool Quran cake with her kids!

Laylatul Qadr 1: Make a To-Do List

Laylatul Qadr 1: Make a To-Do List

Remember the Laylatul Qadr Box idea from last year? If not, here is the link:

Here is another idea – a Laylatul Qadr to-do list – with templates and all! Check it out on:

Will make the children have a focused plan on what to achieve during the important nights!