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Laylatul Qadr 10: Helping them stay awake

Laylatul Qadr 10: Helping them stay awake

As the biggest night approaches quickly, just have a question for all mums out there. As it is holidays for most, and with summer nights being shorter, many children are staying up until Fajr, or as much as possible.

Once back from mosque with main amaals done, what do your children do? Once mine have thought about and written their duas and done a bit, I encourage them to read or look at the Islamic books/stories we have at home to help pass the time…would love any other suggestions?

P.S. When asked this on facebook, here is a great reply I got: “We design and handmake eid cards, prep and do eid poster and wrap eid gifts and goodies, meanwhile keep jawshane kabeer playing in the background… Or any other dua… We also try baking treats at night… For older kids – watching movies from, such as Yusuf , or doing salatul Layl…”

This link may come in handy for younger children:

And how about these sheets for older children to work through:

P.P.S. We also got sent in a picture of Laylatul Qadr cookies someone made which we have shared on this post!

Laylatul Qadr 9: Make them a Laylatul Qadr Kit!

Laylatul Qadr 9: Make them a Laylatul Qadr Kit!

Here is an idea for your older children – Make them a Laylatul Qadr kit!

I had received this last year before the 23rd night from my MM (see last year’s post: and because it was soooo lovely, I could not bring myself to throw it away, I put all the respective things away (the ones that I hadn’t eaten/used during the nights that is!) and stuck the sheet on my bulletin board instead.

I thought it might be something awesome to give to teenagers preparing for Laylatul Qadr, as they are now old enough to understand the deeper concepts behind the night, and also behind the different things that are in the kit! Some of the objects are practical as well as meaningful, others just cool to have 

So Inshallah I pray this comes in handy and that you have fun looking for a spare puzzle piece that you don’t need anymore . If you don’t have one, make one!

Here is the info on the sheet so you don’t have to type it all out again but can just copy and paste and adjust yourselves:

Paper Clip: To keep things together when they seem to be slipping out of control
Eraser: To rub out last year’s mistakes
Toothpick: To pick the good qualities in everyone
Rubber band: Be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want
Gum: Stick with it and you can accomplish anything
Pen and notebook: List your blessings everyday
Tissue: To wipe away a tear. Your own or someone elses
Lifesavers: Sometimes we all need a little help
Nuts: Be a little nutty sometimes and have a laugh
Puzzle piece: Because you are an important piece of so many lives


So we decided to make the Laylatul Qadr kits as part of my kiddo’s 30 day good deed challenge ( – here they are!

For those of you who can’t find everything you need, here are a few suggestions based on the changes we made:

Instead of lifesavers we used Tic Tacs: Sometimes we all need to chill and play games

When we ran out of gum we used the same line but with Stickers: Stick with it and you can accomplish anything

We also used Mentos: Find a mentor in life to guide you

And finally we used Fruit Nuggets as well: Look for the treasure in everybody you meet

*** Alhamd some of you sent in your pics of your own kits that you’ve made:

  1. Here is another example of an innovative Laylatul Qadr kit!








  2. FZ and mum prepared for Laylatul Qadr in this bright but very meaningful (and fun!) way:

“FZ’s Laylatul Qadr Kit:

Sadaqa envelope – to take out Sadaqa at the beginning, middle and end of the night.

‘Kun Fayakun’ Wand – to remind us that Allah is All Powerful to grant our hajaat on these Nights of Qadr (Destiny). Suratul Qadr translation on the back for FZ to recite. FZ has also drawn and written in her hajaat on the back, such as to go for Hajj Insh, to be able to recite the Qur’an fluently…



Qur’an for Amaal – I’ve also included a sheet listing stories, qualities for each of the Ma’sumeen that we call upon, that FZ knows, so that she can Insh form a picture of each one in her heart as we ask our hajaat and pray for herself to Insh acquire these qualities.

Crafty cut outs representing 3 suwer with key concepts on the back – our ticket to Jannah!

Sura Ankabut: Allah tells us that we are like spiders, building webs around ourselves with our bad deeds, habits and loving others besides Allah. These make the weakest houses.

As we do the Istighfar tasbeeh, with each count, FZ will pelt the Ankabut with mini pom pom ‘stones’ and think of what she needs to get rid of, say sorry for etc. to break free from the web and get closer to Allah Insh!


Sura Dukhan (smoke shaped cut out): the smoke that shall engulf before the Day of Qiyamah. Allah has made the Qur’an easy to learn and memorise, so we should strive to understand it.

Sura Rum (Roman princess cut out): Allah tells us to think about the powerful empires of the past, take lessons and know that nothing will benefit us except good deeds. Think about His amazing signs in creation all around us, and all His blessings.


Mini Dua Flip Book listing recommended actions:

Start with Bismillah
Salaam to Imame Zamana
Alhamdulillah – think of how awesome Allah is, and thank Him for all he’s blessed us with!
Dua for those suffering: in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and other countries
Dua for friends, family
Dua Makarimul Akhlaq – read extract with mummy and ask Allah to grant you the best of manners
Dua Jawshan Kabeer – read section 5 with mummy for success! Ask Allah to grant you the strongest armour for protection
Ziyarat of Imam Husayn – recite short salaam to be in the company of our Prophets, Imams in Jannah!
End with Salawaat



Al Baseer Moonsighting Telescope – every time we sight the waning moon until the end of the month, we will recite an extract from Dua 44 of Sahifatus Sajjadiyya:

O Allah, make my sins disappear along with the waning of the crescent moon.


Handkerchief to collect Tears of Mourning for Imam Ali as, Imam Husayn as and Shuhada e Karbala. Insh this will serve as Light and Shafa in the grave and on the Day of Qiyamah.

Areedha to write to Imam e Zamana.


3. And here is one for mums!

Laylatul Qadr 8: Praying for Ourselves

Laylatul Qadr 8: Praying for Ourselves

Laylatul Qadr nights are when our destiny is decreed. We need to therefore be clear what it is we want in the year ahead so that we can sincerely pray for this.

Here is one way we can focus our goals and wishes in a clear and simple way (as shown by Ummi aunty Merali, a legend :)):

Split a paper into 4 and give them the headings: Body, Brain, Soul and Heart (or for older children: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual). Then add goals/wishes under these titles. Some examples have been given in the picture.

A quick note – Emotional refers to us engaging with others, and Spiritual refers to us engaging with Allah!

Laylatul Qadr 7: 5 steps of Dua

Laylatul Qadr 7: 5 steps of Dua

Teaching children HOW to pray:

Praying for everything can get a bit overwhelming (even for us adults), so here is a way to simplify it (and cover all the bases!).

– Sandwich your dua! Begin and end with Salawat (Allah will always fulfil that dua and so Inshallah will fulfil everything in the middle!)
– Start by glorifying Allah – his amazing creations, etc.
– Then thank Allah for everything he has given YOU
– Move on to asking for forgiveness for any mistakes you have made, big or small
– Then pray for OTHERS
– Finally, move on to praying for yourself
-Don’t forget the salawat at the end!

P.S. I have heard this in lectures before and am sure I have seen a source too but can’t seem to find it just now (will keep looking). If you know of a source, please do share!

Laylatul Qadr 6: Give sadqa in 3 different parts of the night

Laylatul Qadr 6: Give sadqa in 3 different parts of the night

Give out sadqa at the 3 different parts of the nights of Qadr (last 10 odd nights plus the 24th night):

Having read this in a summary of lecture notes by Zakira Tahera Jaffer, I asked the kids to make 3 different envelopes each (with paper and sellotape as I didn’t have any small money envelopes at home!).

They then labelled them accordingly. We actually didn’t manage to give the sadqa yesterday as we were at mosque for the first and second part, but they got the concept at least, and Inshallah we will try to make it work tomorrow night!