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Ramadan Idea 9: Wafat of Lady Khadija

Ramadan Idea 9: Wafat of Lady Khadija

With the wafat of Lady Khadija coming up, here are some idea sent in that perhaps you could use:

  • “We are having purple day two days before wafat/shahadat to get to know Sayyida Khadija. Why purple? Because purple is the colour of royalty. Girls are going to be given a letter from her name to write a sentence about what they know of her, and eventually form an acrostic poem for display!”
  • “We cut out and put two big crowns on a wall. We then gave cut out gem shaped cards to the girls and asked them to write out an act of Khadija-ness on them, then stick it on the crown. Every princess needs a crown AND a wand (and Lady Khadija is Ameera-tul-Quraish), so as favours we gave them a rainbow sherbet stick with a star on top saying “Illuminating Khadija-ness”. The girls loved it!”

    • Here is a great way to emulate how Bibi Khadija helped with all that she had.
    • This is a lovely way to remember and emulate her:


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  • Here are some inspiring messages by Hussain Makke:

    • This is a cute clip with a young child reading a story on Bibi Khadija, accompanied by pictures:
    • Here is a short documentary: