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Hajj Idea 10: Kaaba Favours

Hajj Idea 10: Kaaba Favours

These would make perfect favours for any Eid-ul-Adha party or school presentation, or just to give to neighbours!

Sent in by a mum: “We decorated small ka’ba gift boxes and filled with chocolates to give as a gift.”


Hajj Idea 3 – Make a Kaaba

MAKE A KAABA! Grab a box, some black paint or paper, and get creating! (Check out the link for an idea on how to do this.)

This can be a perfect tool for teaching them the difference between this Eid and Eid-ul-Fitr, going through visually the steps of Hajj, or just as a decoration in the living room :).

There are many tutorials on the internet if you’re stuck – just have a look and then get going!