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Lectures on parenting in Islam!

Lectures on parenting in Islam! – Sheikh Salim tips on Raising Children – Raising Children in the West – M. Abbas Ayleya – Principles of Islamic Parenting – Asad Jafri – Islamic Parenting – Parent Child Relations in the West – upbringing of child – Murtaza Zaidi – Children Upbringing Murtaza Zaidi – Spiritual Upbringing of Children – Dr Farukh – Upbringing of Children in the West – Shaikh Zaid AlSalami – Family Life in the West – Shaikh Shabbiri – Khalil Jaffer freeing the butterfly lecture #10 specifically on children Maulana Baig tarbiyat / teaching strategies

Sh. Salim –
and part 2:

The benefit of beards!

The benefit of beards!


Check out what this study found about the benefits of beards (despite going in with thinking the opposite!).

“Well, the researchers were surprised to find that it was the clean-shaven staff, and not the beardies, who were more likely to be carrying something unpleasant on their faces.

The beardless group were more than three times as likely to be harbouring a species known as methicillin-resistant staph aureus on their freshly shaven cheeks. MRSA is a particularly common and troublesome source of hospital-acquired infections because it is resistant to so many of our current antibiotics.”


And what does Islam say?!

It is reported in Bihar al-Anwar in the chapter concerning the beard (Kitab al-Mahasin) in which Imam Musa b. Ja’far, al-Kazim (as) was asked: “Is it recommended to wear the beard?” he said: “Yes”, then he was asked: “Is it permissible for one to shave one’s beard?”, Imam (as) replied: “It is permissible to shave the sides of the face where the beard grows, however, to shave the front (chin) is not permissible.”

Am sure there are many other reasons and links, but perhaps this is one of them!


How Parents Push Their Children Away From Islam

How Parents Push Their Children Away From Islam

“Can my child see the beauty of Islam in me?”

I love this!

“At the risk of being misunderstood, I’ll say this: A beard and hijab won’t make your child Muslim. I don’t say this to dismiss the rituals of the religion, but to put the emphasis (first) on something greater.  Just as early revelation focused on the beauty and mercy of Allah, we, too, should impart the good. Then, upon that foundation, we ladle the specifics of worship, the rules and regulations that guide us on this journey. But only in love, we must do it all in love. You’d think that would be a given, but how often do we see children turned away from Islam because of harsh, unbalanced parents?”

Read the whole artice here:


Let Them See You…

Let Them See You…

Inspired by a similar secular post (link below), we were inspired to create a list especially for Muslims! Let your children see you…

1. Pray on time
2. Say Salaam Alaikum first
3. Make a niyyat out loud
4. Do Sajda for Shukr when something good happens
5. Say Salaam Alaikum to fellow Muslims when out and about
6. Say Bismillah before starting things
7. Pray a two Rakat Salah when you need help
8. Do wudhoo
9. Do wudhoo when you’re getting angry
10. Say Innallaha Ma’as Saabireen when you’re low on patience
11. Cut your nails on a Friday
12. Go to mosque with a smile
13. Head to do ghusl on a Friday
14. Recite Quran out loud
15. Recite Azaan and Iqamah before Salah
16. Recite Sura Fatiha aloud when you pass a cemetery
17. Give sadqa – in the form of money, help or otherwise

Thank you to readers for sending the ones below!:

18. Using examples from the lives of the Masumeen in our daily routine
19. Thanking Allah on the go (e.g. when it rains)
20. Saying Salaam to the 12th Imam every morning
21. Recite Salawat when you need something (e.g. to find something lost, get parking)
22. Make time for family and friends – whether visiting them or having them over
23. Recite Sura Yasin on a Thursday night
24. Cover your food and save it for later
25. Write a letter (ariza) to Imam Mahdi when in need
26. Look up an ayah/Jawshane Kabeer verse to be recited for specific ailments (as well as normal medicine!)
27. Make an effort to look presentable even if you’re going to be wearing hijab/chadar on top
28. Recite Namaaz Jamaat at any opportunity

Can you think of any more to add to the list?

Link to the inspiration of this post: