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3rd Imam – Resources on Imam Husayn (as)

  • I love this crytograph for older children that Beb e Kazim shared on FB:

At the top there is a KEY that lists all the letters from A thru Z with a box below. Each of the letters has a corresponding number.

The bottom part contains a maxim of Imam Hussain a.s. Each of the blanks has a number underneath it. Fill in the letters that correspond to the numbers below the blanks to discover it.

  • Some YouTube clips:

  • Nasheed on Imam Husayn (as):

Ashra Idea 12 – Muharram at Schools

Ashra Idea 12 – Muharram at Schools

Subhanallah! I am in AWE!

You HAVE to read this account of a secondary school teacher who introduced Imam Hussain (as) to his school…

I really feel like cutting and pasting the whole thing (!), but will settle for this excerpt ;):

“Pupils swarmed towards me to let me know how much they loved the message and story and I felt a relief. Imam Hussain’s universal message would never let me down, why did I have any doubts? During the following weeks, pupils would walk past me in the corridors and chant ‘Hussain’ whilst clenching their fists in a celebratory manner of approval; they agreed with his values. Pupils would demand I include his story in the Religious Education curriculum. Pupils saw my wristbands with Imam Hussain’s name on them and asked where they could purchase one because they wanted to wear it too. They would stand with me during break-time and ask me more questions. Remember, this is not a Muslim school. We are talking about pupils from a conservative Muslim background as well as plenty of those who aren’t Muslim at all making these comments. It goes to show that Imam Hussain’s message transcends sects and appeals to those who love justice and human values.”

Read the full article here:

The Month of Shabaan – Ideas to mark the special month and events in it

The Month of Shabaan – Ideas to mark the special month and events in it

The month of birthdays is upon us!

  • Check out what one inventive mum has done to welcome the month of Shabaan  (main pic above). Each star represents a birthday of our noble personalities in this month :). Another mum did something similar using these wooden ornaments:

  • Here is a printable banner you can print, colour and put up for display – it covers all the main events of this month!
  • Here are some worksheets for the month by UmAimen.
  • And here’s a birthday cake for younger children to colour in.
  • Somebody has put together this set of amazing slides for her class which covers all the main events very clearly, and has plenty of activity ideas. (Author unknown)
  • Play this game (for younger children) to teach them which holy personalities’ birthdays we celebrate in this month.
  • Love this craft idea – make an Ark of Salvation to mark the special birthdays in this blessed month! Made with craft paper, kitchen roll tubes and cereal boxes:

  • Kisa Kids produce an annual booklet FULL of ideas and activities to mark the occasions of Rajab and Shabaan. Download them here.
  • This is a lovely magazine on Shabaan by For My Imaan
  • Here is a checklist for things to do in Shabaan by Noor Islamic Education.
  • For older kids, why not play this Kahoot! game created by Arifa Davdani.
  • And here’s an awesome video to watch with the kids to welcome in this month

Resources on Imam Husayn (as) can be found here.

Resources on Hazrat Abbas:

  • One mum celebrated with her children by decorating Alamdar cupcakes!

Resources on Imam Zaynul Abideen can be found here.

  • To mark 15th Shabaan and the birth of Imam Mahdi (aj), check out a whole series of ideas here!