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Ramadan Idea 20: Hold an Iftar Party!

Ramadan Idea 20: Hold an Iftar Party!

Planning on having an iftaar party for your children? Here are some ideas to get you going!

  • Take them shopping for charity!

I loved this idea done by a clever mum – “Invite them home a little early and pop into the closest supermarket and give them some money, then ask them to buy some food for charity! Make it a challenge to make it even more exciting: Who can get the most items out of the designated £5? Who can spend the closest to £5? What kinds of food do you think would be most appreciated?”

So many lessons to learn! And so fitting for this month!

  • Another idea sent in was to invite your friends to bring something with them when they come like this family did!:13493365_10154355712571424_1629276178_o

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  • Another idea was to give out an empty box and a Ramadan Giving Calendar (see: as a party favour to encourage children to give charity during the month.

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  • How about this Diner idea? Instead of presents, everyone was asked to bring a brand new unwrapped toy to the value of £10-15 to give to a child at Hillingdon hospital. They managed to deliver 27 ?!

    And finally, the icing on the top was their party favours. They distributed reusable (and collapsible to fit in pockets and purses!) tea cups filled with sweets, to encourage the girls to bring their own dishes to iftars and do their bit to protect the earth that we live in by cutting down on disposable waste.

  • And if your children are older, why not hold a sehri party instead? Here’s an example of a mother-daughter sehri 🙂
Ramadan Idea 15: Make them an Iftar Box

Ramadan Idea 15: Make them an Iftar Box

Inspired by this iftaar box by This Little Life of Mine who made these below, I made some for my kids! When I saw made, I mean ‘stuck foam letters on’! Something to make their iftar even more special!


  • On the topic of iftar, I came across this FB post and think it’s a very special way to think about when we end our fast. Inshallah if we start young we can inculcate this thinking into our children!

Hazel Gómez de Crain:

In English, so many of us say, “It is time to break my fast.” The image I think of is someone forcing themselves to eat after following God’s command of fasting. It reminds me of the rules we need and follow as servants and believers of One God.

But in Spanish, that’s not the word I was taught to use when it’s time to eat after fasting. My grandparents taught me to say, “Ahora entrego mi ayuno.” (“It is time to deliver my fast [to God].”) The image of a servant, of a believer of One God, praying “Here is my fast, oh Lord. Please accept it from me!” It reminds me of the unseen, of begging God to accept our deeds, and praying to The One God as if we see Him.

So, today, how will you deliver your fast to the Almighty Lord of the Worlds?”