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Umrah Idea 3: Make them a Haram Bag

Umrah Idea 3: Make them a Haram Bag

Most kids will be packing their own bagpack with their stationary, games and snacks etc for the plane and the trip, but this is something different.

This is a smaller bag purely for the purpose of taking to the haram – if it has a strap that can go over the head and one shoulder all the better as they will probably be doing tawaf with it (and it will save you from having to hold all their stuff as well as yours!)

My daughter actually took a Pillow Bag – i had never seen one before until she was gifted one, but I LOVE it. It is a cushioned bag which can fit some things inside in little pouches and then zips up and doubles as a pillow – perfect for the haram when feeling tired! (P.S. If anyone has more information on these pillow bags please get in touch because i can’t seem to find them anywhere!)

What kind of things should go in this bag? My kids packed the following:

– Mohr and tasbih (your choice about the mohr – we took it and had no problems Alhamd)
– Their personal handkerchief (to collect their tears from their duas)
– Pen and book to write in
– Thin kid’s musalla
– A snack or two

There are a few more optional items to stick in here as and when needed…will cover it in the next Idea Inshallah!