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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 12: Inspire them with these videos of young Hadighs and Hafidhas

Subhanallah! Recently i have been coming across so many inspiring young Quran recitors! I thought i would put them in one post as inspiration for our kids learning to recite…

  • Check out this video on recitations from non-Arab speaking children, including a blind child reciting from a braille Quran right at the end!

  • And this girl.
  • In this next one i love the hand gestures/symbols used alongside the verses – and I also love how the whole audience joined in to participate!
  • I love this celebration of children finishing the Quran – tears were rolling both on screen and off!
  • How about this haafidh who is Autistic
  • He has no physical sight, yet his spiritual sight is a thing of beauty! May Allah grant us all his faith…totally, totally inspiring.