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Valedictorian Anonymously Posted Kind Words About Classmates On Instagram For Nearly A Year

Valedictorian Anonymously Posted Kind Words About Classmates On Instagram For Nearly A Year

Now this is inspiration for all our teens – check out how one student created a feeling of unity and solidarity in his school simply by posting something nice about them on instagram!

Maybe they can come up with something along those lines this Ramadhan – can’t think of a better time to be loving and kind to others!

Jummah Mubarak all!

Fundraising Idea 5 – 30 Good Deed Challenge

Fundraising Idea 5 – 30 Good Deed Challenge

Fundraising idea 5: 30 Good Deed Challenge

With the emphasis on doing good, especially in this month, how about this fundraising idea?

My two took this on last year and Alhamd managed to raise more than £1000. They wrote about their good deeds on a blog:

Some of their deeds included writing thank you notes for the park volunteers, giving small gift packs to the elders of the community, donating to a good bank and bringing water to people.

Am sure you can think of many more good deeds to do! 


Good Deed Series – 8. Pay It Forward and make good deeds VIRAL!

Last but not least, I thought this would be the perfect way to say farewell to Rajab and bring on the month of Shaabaan!

Remember in the first video posted, it showed how when good is done to us we tend to pass it on? So for example, if someone gives us way on the road, we tend to be more lenient on another driver trying to get in…

However, even just SEEING someone doing good to another can also have that effect! I’m sure many of you have seen the video that shows this so nicely but if you haven’t, here is the link:

Imagine if we did this INTENTIONALLY though…anyone watched the movie Pay It Forward? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! Here is a clip from the movie that sums it up beautifully:


If everyone (and their children) makes a conscious effort to Pay It Forward, can you imagine the effect it would have? Good deeds would go viral!

Inshallah with one small good deed at a time, may we do our little bit to change the world 🙂

Good Deed Series – 7. Inspiration

Good Deed Series – 7. Inspiration

There are some amazing websites out there which are chock-ful of what other people have done to spread goodness in the world. If you like them on facebook, you will get daily tid-bits and ideas in your feed as well!

Here they are: – This was one of the first websites I came across and I love it! – I found this when I was looking up the famous video (posted on the first day of this series) on how Kindness has a boomerang effect on us. – Their website is under construction at the mo but IDeedGood is very active on facebook. They recently organised an amazing event here in London called the Grateful Wall! – This is one I came across when researching for this series – again, this has stories, videos and ideas.

Happy reading!