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Modesty and Clothes Shopping

Modesty and Clothes Shopping

In case you haven’t seen this article yet, am sharing:

Shopping for our girls – especially over the summer – is down right annoying. This author is based in the US but the problem is world wide.

The reason I am sharing is to emphasise how we CAN make a difference. We often tend to complain about things, but perhaps next time we should pick up a pen? It is mightier than the sword after all… 

Another of my pet peeves is advertising – billboards and the like. A few years ago I emailed the Transport for London about the shocking ads that were plastered around stations, which made me think twice about going on the underground with my kids. It’s not just the tube though…it’s advertising on billboards everywhere 

Am thinking of taking up the issue again…anyone up for the challenge?

Baligha Series – Idea 1: Books, books, books!

Baligha Series – Idea 1: Books, books, books!

Bismillah…let the buloogh series begin!

Just a quick note before our first idea – buloogh for girls and hijaab are inevitable tied together. However, for the purpose of this series, we will focus more on the other aspects of buloogh and cover hijaab in a later series, to allow each topic to get full coverage Inshallah…

Idea 1: Books, books, books!

Although still few and far between, there are some books out there on this oh-so-important topic.

Princess Inaya Becomes Baligha (by Binte Abbas and Ibn Ali covers the main aspects of reaching the age of buloogh in story form, making it a light hearted entry point to the topic.

A Muslim Girl’s Guide to Life’s Big Changes (by Rayhana Khan) is a much more factual book, covering things to consider such as life in school, the clothes that we wear, behaviour and what’s happening to our bodies when we grow.

Jashn-e-Buloogh (Celebrating Baligh Ceremony) is informative as above, but in much smaller snippets, and accompanied by lots of bright cartoon illustrations, as opposed to book style.

Celebration of Responsibility – Baligha Booklet: Covers the main topics of wudhoo, cleanliness, taqlid, etc. For more info on how to get a copy, contact Aarifa Suleman at

Some other titles are:

How to get Hijab Ready by Aisha Elwan and Megan Wyatt

The Hijab Boutique by Michelle Khan

Do you know of any more? Please do share!