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Kindness Jars – Favours for Schools or Parties

Kindness Jars – Favours for Schools or Parties

Check out what school favours one family gave out for the Prophet’s birthday! Kindness Jars!

The creative mum got some spice jars from IKEA (size is 5h x 5.4w), and printed out some acts of kindness (downloadable here) and put them in the jar.

These tags were then printed and stuck on the side of the jar (downloadable here). Here it is as a PNG image also.

She printed out instructions and added them to the jar (downloadable here), and added some sweets and balloons.

And finally, she topped off the jar with a Lindt emoji chocolate!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 47: Asma-ul Husna Cube

Thoughtful Gift ideas continued! Check out this one made by @alkhaliqdesigns !

I LOVE gifts and products that incorporate Islam into it and help us and our children learn and benefit from the wisdom we have in our faith – and this ticks all the boxes, AND looks beautiful too 🙂

Check out all the other products by Al Khaliq Designs!

Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Celebrating Eid: Idea 8 – Eid Gift Shoeboxes

Eid is an important time to encourage children to think of those who have less.

  • Here is a SUPER (and fun!) way to get children involved in giving back this Eid! Get them to fill up a shoe box with presents, wrap it nicely and add a message. Then it will get distributed to those that need a smile on their face 🙂

Over 20,000 Shoeboxes Full of Eid Gifts to be Sent to Syria from Britain


  • And how lovely is this? Muslims dress up as superheroes and give gifts to children in hospitals:

“These kids are going through an extremely tough time. We want to bring a smile to their faces, and show their parents that we care. Eid is a day of celebration, and we want these kids to share in the happiness, whatever background they come from.”