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Thoughtful Gift Ideas 67: Box made in Gaza

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 67: Box made in Gaza

This next gift idea is thoughtful in many ways.
The box that you see has been made in Gaza by deaf men and women, and so by purchasing the boxes, their income was provided for them. As well all know, Gaza needs all the help it can get at the moment, so this gesture is also one of support and solidarity.
Inside are some lovely bonbons!

82 year old female graduate in Gaza

“Fatima (82 years) recently graduated from Aqsa University in Gaza with a bachelors of Hadith in 2016. This was a dream she couldn’t fulfill earlier when she was young due to the occupation of Palestine and subsequent tragedies. What a role model!”

The Prophet’s hadith: “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave” comes to mind! Subhanallah 🙂 Despite so many difficulties, she managed to do it – what determination!