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Rajab Idea 8: Rajab Resources

Rajab Idea 8: Rajab Resources

There are a growing number of resources out there to help mark this special month, here they are below:

  • Kisa Kids have been releasing booklets for the last few years which are FULL of activities to mark the occasions of the months. They are available to download for free here. They also have banners, amal checklists, etc.
  • Zair Zabr Play has a few free printables for Rajab, including a booklet on Me’raj.
  • Here is one by Lunar Learners on Me’raj (Although there is much debate about Me’raj being on the 27th of Rajab, with the consensus being it’s not – that date is important for Mab’ath), you can use these on the other dates that have given for Me’raj)
  • Some worksheets by UmAimen
  • This Dua for Rajab for children (source unknown)
  • This awesome Rajab Calendar was created to help children stay on top of all the important dates and recommended a’maal of the month – created by TanveerShares

Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

  • Months of Islam:

Months of Islam Board Game

  • General Ramadan:

Quiz/Activity Board Game (Ahle Sunnah Ques also)

Board Game (Ahle Sunnah references also)

Ramadan Bingo Game

Ramadan Hedbanz (The Yes/No Game)

Taqwa Escape Room

Ramadan Quiz (ppt created by Aliabbas and Zahra Janmohamed)

  • Moon Phases:

Moon Phases Game

Gross Motor Moon Phases Game

  • Fasting:

Halaal/Haraam/Mustahab Hopscotch Game

What’s the Time, Angel Jibraeel (Terms/Times of Fasting)

Pin the Body Part – Whole Body Fasting Game

  • Good Deeds:

Good Deeds Game

  • Quran:

Quran Family Scavenger Hunt

Quran Scavenger Hunt – By Seeds Within

Quran Bingo Game – Sura Names

Quran Bingo Game

Key Quranic Verses Game

Sura Name Online Whack-a-Mole Game

Quran Treasure Box

Surah Match-It

My First Quran Activity Book

Quran Flash Cards

Whole Short Sura Emoji Game – By Towards Jannah

Some more Quran Games

  • Duas:

Ramadan Short Duas Game

Iftar Dua Matching Game

Dua Iftitah Journal

  • Personalities:

Nahjul Balagha Mini Book

Nahjul Balagha Reflection Journal (Older Kids)

  • Laylatul Qadr:

Sura Qadr Matching Game

Sura Ankaboot Word Search

Sura Rum Word Search

Sura Dukhan Ayaats Matching Game

  • Eid:

Eid Build a Mosque Game


Ramadan Idea 1: Countdown Calendar Ideas

Ramadan Idea 1: Countdown Calendar Ideas

One great idea to help mark Ramadan is to have a countdown calendar. I will share specific ideas of what parents do every year on another post, but here i would like to compile some ideas of different types of calendars:

  1. Cloth calendars: These have boomed over the last few years – check out this very reasonable one: – or you could just make your own!

2. Now there are also chocolate/candy calendars out for the month! Some are available through main stores, and others through individuals. I suggest you do a google search and see what comes up! Check out this one:

3. Check out this twist on an advent calendar – where the emphasis is on giving during the month.

Try and find a charity near you that is running one! If not, simply collect some items over the month in a box (one a day!) and hand it to a food bank.

4. Make your own! There are LOADS of ideas out there – and we have also shared them here on Buzz Ideazz for inspiration. Check them out here.

Here is a round up of ideas for you for some printable calendars and loads of fillers for your home-made ones:


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