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Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

  • Months of Islam:

Months of Islam Board Game

  • General Ramadan:

Quiz/Activity Board Game (Ahle Sunnah Ques also)

Board Game (Ahle Sunnah references also)

Ramadan Bingo Game

Ramadan Hedbanz (The Yes/No Game)

Taqwa Escape Room

Ramadan Quiz (ppt created by Aliabbas and Zahra Janmohamed)

  • Moon Phases:

Moon Phases Game

Gross Motor Moon Phases Game

  • Fasting:

Halaal/Haraam/Mustahab Hopscotch Game

What’s the Time, Angel Jibraeel (Terms/Times of Fasting)

Pin the Body Part – Whole Body Fasting Game

  • Good Deeds:

Good Deeds Game

  • Quran:

Quran Family Scavenger Hunt

Quran Scavenger Hunt – By Seeds Within

Quran Bingo Game – Sura Names

Quran Bingo Game

Key Quranic Verses Game

Sura Name Online Whack-a-Mole Game

Quran Treasure Box

Surah Match-It

My First Quran Activity Book

Quran Flash Cards

Whole Short Sura Emoji Game – By Towards Jannah

Some more Quran Games

  • Duas:

Ramadan Short Duas Game

Iftar Dua Matching Game

Dua Iftitah Journal

  • Personalities:

Nahjul Balagha Mini Book

Nahjul Balagha Reflection Journal (Older Kids)

  • Laylatul Qadr:

Sura Qadr Matching Game

Sura Ankaboot Word Search

Sura Rum Word Search

Sura Dukhan Ayaats Matching Game

  • Eid:

Eid Build a Mosque Game


Ramadan Idea 3: Letter to Schools about Ramadhan

Ramadan Idea 3: Letter to Schools about Ramadhan

Do you remember at Muharram time, it was suggested that you send a letter to your children’s school to explain what is happening? Here is a similar initiative – would be especially useful for buloogh age children who will be fasting for the first time:

Stanmore Jafferys have compiled a letter for you to print and send to your child’s School, explaining the act of fasting as well as the effect it may have if your child needs to partake in Physical Education. Feel free to print off and send.

Dear Teacher,

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 183

As you may be aware, Muslims around the world are preparing to welcome the month of Ramadhan and will be participating in fasts from 10-Jul-2013 to 10-Aug 2013. As a month dedicated to worship and charity, I would like to share with you a little bit about how my child will be participating in this Holy Month, both whilst in school and at home.

Along with the spirit of prayer, kindness and giving that surrounds the Holy Month, Muslims also fast from dawn to dusk in an act of devotion and gratitude to God, Allah, and to cultivate compassion and empathy for the poor and needy.

There are two important facets to the fast:

• The physical element of the fast requires Muslims to abstain from food and drink, and any other activity that may involve their ingestion.
• The spiritual element of the fast, which plays a significantly greater role, encourages all Muslims to try and attain spiritual peace and perfection. It allows you to strengthen your willpower and resolve, enabling one to meet the challenges of everyday with greater determination and sincerity.

Whilst young children are exempt from fasting, my son/daughter is now old enough to partake in fasting this year.

I’m sure you will understand that especially in these long summer days, the fast is a test of patience for all, especially the young ones! Of course, fasting in Islam is intended not as a burden but a means to grow and so it encourages eating well both after the breaking of the fast at dusk and especially during the pre-dawn breakfast, so that all remain fit and healthy! Hence, my child will be nourished and happy to partake in learning and activities at school as usual.

However, I’m sure you will understand that at playtime or during PE, my child may be less energetic and more tired than usual and I hope that you will be accommodating if short breaks and time-outs are needed. Naturally during lunchtime, my child will not be eating and in order to avoid confusion from other pupils, I would appreciate it if you could explain very simply to the class the significance of Ramadhan and fasting.

As you will appreciate, fasting is a process of learning and adjustment for mind, body and spirit and so I would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding in helping my child through this process.

With kind regards and many thanks,