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Understanding My Ramadan Duas – Journal and Videos

For many many years, I have felt that we do such a disservice to the beautiful duas that we recite in Ramadan because we focus so much on the rote recitation as opposed to looking at and learning from the gems that our Imam has given us within. Last year a close friend and I started working on this journal, first and foremost to work through with our own children and then hopefully with the aim of using it in classes during Ramadan. As it turns out, mosques still aren’t reopening so we have produced short YouTube clips for children to listen to and help them work through the books, Inshallah.

The journal covers the 7 duas we recite daily in Ramadan. Each dua will follow a similar format – Dua Iftitah is broken down into smaller chunks – and there are questions, activities and games to get your child thinking and learning about what we are actually praying for through the beautiful words in the dua.

And here are the videos that accompany the journal!

  • For the younger crowd (suggested 5-10), Memoji Masi does a brilliant job of bringing the duas to life!: – for all of the videos

  • For the older crowd (suggested 11 plus), here is the link to the 12 videos:

Here are some lovely pics people sent in:


Back to School Idea 6

Following the Back to School series, per someone’s request, please find attached a link to short and useful duas for students:

Hope it is useful Inshallah!

Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

  • Months of Islam:

Months of Islam Board Game

  • General Ramadan:

Quiz/Activity Board Game (Ahle Sunnah Ques also)

Board Game (Ahle Sunnah references also)

Ramadan Bingo Game

Ramadan Hedbanz (The Yes/No Game)

Taqwa Escape Room

Ramadan Quiz (ppt created by Aliabbas and Zahra Janmohamed)

  • Moon Phases:

Moon Phases Game

Gross Motor Moon Phases Game

  • Fasting:

Halaal/Haraam/Mustahab Hopscotch Game

What’s the Time, Angel Jibraeel (Terms/Times of Fasting)

Pin the Body Part – Whole Body Fasting Game

  • Good Deeds:

Good Deeds Game

  • Quran:

Quran Family Scavenger Hunt

Quran Scavenger Hunt – By Seeds Within

Quran Bingo Game – Sura Names

Quran Bingo Game

Key Quranic Verses Game

Sura Name Online Whack-a-Mole Game

Quran Treasure Box

Surah Match-It

My First Quran Activity Book

Quran Flash Cards

Whole Short Sura Emoji Game – By Towards Jannah

Some more Quran Games

  • Duas:

Ramadan Short Duas Game

Iftar Dua Matching Game

Dua Iftitah Journal

  • Personalities:

Nahjul Balagha Mini Book

Nahjul Balagha Reflection Journal (Older Kids)

  • Laylatul Qadr:

Sura Qadr Matching Game

Sura Ankaboot Word Search

Sura Rum Word Search

Sura Dukhan Ayaats Matching Game

  • Eid:

Eid Build a Mosque Game