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Muharram Idea 18 – Kerbala Wall Displays

Muharram Idea 18 – Kerbala Wall Displays

Have your children been learning lots this past ten days? Why not have them reflect on the main points and put them up on a Muharram wall, like this family have done (main pic above)? It would be a great way to solidify and build on their learning 🙂

  • This is what another mum sent in and said: As Muharram approaches us every year, I ponder over how to create an atmosphere in the house to give the children a sense of understanding and importance of the next two holy months. This year, I created a banner with various vocabulary applicable to my children’s ages. I placed it opposite their bunk bed so that they are able to see it before going to bed. It is to be a source of discussion every night:

  • Also check out what another mum did with her children to commemorate these months… they looked at quotes by Imam Husayn (as) and made it very visual. A great way to learn new and relevant hadith while marking these days as well.



It’s Rajab! Idea 1: Make a display

It’s Rajab! Idea 1: Make a display

It’s Rajab! As e-mails are bouncing around on how to make the most of this month in preparation for the holy month of Ramadhan ahead, it might be a good time to think about how we can help convey its importance to our children as well…

So here’s the first of our short series on Rajab, sent in by someone who has loads of other creative ideas!

Idea 1:

“Create an easy and effective wall display to emphasise the importance of the months leading up to the holy month and indeed the holy month itself.

There are large bold letters spelling the names of the month – a nice craft activity. We also used a calendar print out from QFatima. Include written or typed important dates in those months, and one Hadith about the month.

It ends up to be a beautiful colourful display and a great source of information for the children.”