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Celebrating Eid: Idea 6 – Sharing it with ‘People that help us’

Celebrating Eid: Idea 6 – Sharing it with ‘People that help us’

Share our celebration by giving out cards and treats to ‘people that help us’ in our community – to reach out to them too, and appreciate them on this day.

We started doing our rounds yesterday and today Alhamd, we managed to wrap that up! Here we are with our local police officers :). We also passed by our local library, doctor’s surgery and fire station.

Why not leave a little something for your postman?

P.S. This is what we left for our postman this year (2021)

And here is our little gesture to the bin collectors!

Celebrating Eid: Idea 1 – Eid Post Box at Mosque

Celebrating Eid: Idea 1 – Eid Post Box at Mosque

Sooo check this great idea out…an Eid Post Box for the children at mosque!

Similar to the Christmas post boxes at school, this is another fantastic way to get them excited about Eid! The children are going to make Eid cards all together in class, others are making their own at home too, some are buying them – they are then posting them into this postbox and it is going to be ‘collected’ and distributed. The teachers are also giving Eid cards out to ensure every child gets at least one!

Although my son is excited about the prospect of sharing his celebration with his school friends by giving the Eid Kidzz Cardzz out (on Eid ul Adha as school will be open then), he was disappointed that he wouldn’t have a ‘Post box’ at school to put them in as they only have one up at Christmas. Inshallah with more ideas like these, we can provide more and more alternatives for them to enjoy and look forward to!

  • Here is another idea about having a mailbox at home too 🙂


So I came across this really cool idea and thought I would try it out! It’s basically a mailbox…for the family!

The more i thought about it, i realised it could have many uses…as well as encouraging writing skills and all the other bonuses talked about in the blog, I thought why not use it to encourage the children to write to Allah too? To help them put their thoughts into words – sort of like an Ariza but all year round. As it is Laylatul Qadr, I figured I would share it with y’all as what better time to write to Allah than this night – the best of nights of the best of months!

Also – Eid is coming up! If the children get any Eid cards, they can be popped in here and then opened on Eid day 🙂

We just used an old shoebox, painted it red, cut a slit and wrote out essential information – like who gets to be the postman, and when pick up times are! The kids also made stamps to stick on the letters they post. So far, the children (and us!) have been very enthusiastic about posting, even if it’s just a small note or a drawing.

Do let us know if you try it out, or even just what you think!

P.S. My aim to post this and other activities online (and Buzz Productzz in general!) is purely to share these ideas with you and try and make Islam fun, exciting and practical for our children. I hope it is taken in that vein and that this becomes a forum for all of you wonderful parents to share your creative and wonderful ideas too! Look forward to learning from you 🙂