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Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 3: Quranic Calendar

Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 3: Quranic Calendar

This awesome resource sits on our dinner table, and while we are eating we look at an ayah every now and then. We discuss it, and try to memorise it – and I will also test them sometimes, both by giving them the English and asking for it’s translation and the other way around.

I think what I’m going to do next is ask them to look up the verses we cover in their Qurans and highlight or mark them:


YOUR Ramadan Calendars 2018

YOUR Ramadan Calendars 2018

Check out this Date Palm Tree idea:

And how about these awesome Ramadan Light Up Jars done by Towards Jannah?

And here are some more calendars and home decor for Ramadan that were sent in:

Hajj Idea 11: Reverse Advent Calendar

Hajj Idea 11: Reverse Advent Calendar

This is SUCH a good idea! We tried it at home over the first 10 days of Zilhajj (leading to Eid-ul-Adha) and the kids loved it 🙂

Take a box or basket, and every day over the 10 days of Zilhajj, add an item to it. Then donate these items to a foodbank! A great way to do good during these precious days!

YOUR Ramadan Calendars – 2016

YOUR Ramadan Calendars – 2016

  • Check out this one by Umm Aiman! Each day is a 4 piece puzzle with 4 good deeds on it to do. Each day, they have to complete the puzzle, colour it in and hang it back on the line! There are some goodies added as an extra treat



To download the puzzles, click here:

  • I love this Ankabut calendar! It fills up over the month…

IMG-20160525-WA0005 IMG-20160525-WA0006


  • In this advent Calendar, each bag has a good deed to do, a Quranic Word, money for sadka. Bags are decorated to also show days of sadness (black bags) and happiness (glitter bags). Some bags have special presents to help reinforce the extra special days and likewise for the days of mourning.

YOUR Ramadan Calendars – 2015

YOUR Ramadan Calendars – 2015

Here are the ones you sent in!

I love the idea of using little bags and decorating them:


Here, each window has space for the children to write the Asma they learn that day:


This one has a good deed box as well for the children to pick a deed and do it every day:



This is a cute little basket with card envelopes to be opened each day:


This calendar has an Asma and an act of kindness to do daily:


The beautiful drawers for each day have a worksheet on the Quran and a sadqa coin for each child:


Another example of pretty little bags hung up:

calendar7And these drawers have even highlighted the important days with a little message:


Last but definitely not least, how about this one which was actually set up in the children’s section of a mosque! This is what they said: “After a short speech, a child is picked to choose something. It is either read dua, salaat or sometimes says each child gets a treat!”