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Umrah Series – Idea 1: Books, books, books!

Umrah Series – Idea 1: Books, books, books!

Holidays are coming up, and many families will be making the blessed journey to the House of Allah. Here are some ideazz to help make this trip inspiring and beneficial for our children, Inshallah!

Idea 1: Books!

My first stop is almost always books 🙂

Check out this wonderful book that is ideal to read before (and during!) Umrah.

“Discover the joys of ‘Umrah when a brother and sister travel with their parents to the city of Mecca and perform this sacred ritual for the very first time.”

It even comes with a poster and paper dolls for children to enact performing Umrah! How amazing is that?

Salaah Idea 3: Books, books, books!

Salaah Idea 3: Books, books, books!

Idea 3: Books, books, books!

Alhamdulillah, theses days there are wonderful books for all these lovely topics!

One great favourite of ours when the kids were young was “I Can Pray Anywhere” by Yasmin Ibrahim…this bright and colourful book emphasizes that you can really pray anywhere, and is one the youngsters will LOVE to read again and again inshallah.

One for older children is “Time to Pray” by Maha Addasi. In this story a little girl visits her grandma in a Middle East country. During her stay, she hears the adhaan from the minaret nearby. The story weaves the the call of adhaan, actions of wudhu, salaat, times of salaat and the sweet relationship between grandma and the little girl all nicely together in a wonderful tale.

There are so many others! Here are a few other titles to explore:

  • Time to Pray – Suzanna Stone
  • Prayer Times Book of Colours – Fehmida Ibrahim Shah Rukh Khan
  • I Want to Pray – Rashida Haneef
  • Call to Prayer – The Story of Bilal – Edoardo Albert
  • Owl and the Dawn Prayer – Hediyah Al-Amin
  • Hakima and Hadi Pray Salah by Kisa Kids

Happy Reading!

Idea 1: Start by prepping them with some stories

Idea 1: Start by prepping them with some stories

Alhamd, so many responses and ideas as to what we can do to make this trip an enlightening one for our children!

To make all this info easier to digest, am splitting them up into bite-size pieces…

Idea 1: Start by prepping them with some stories (and take some for the long journeys ahead!)

Stories from the lives of the personalities you are going to visit are engaging and make their stories come alive in a way that has a lasting effect on children.

As well as stories you have heard, here are some potential books you can use, Inshallah:

‘Yaseer and Zahra Meet the Heroes of Kerbala’ by Binte Abbas
‘Yaseer and Zahra Meet the Heroes of Shaam’ by Binte Abbas
‘The Heroes of Karbala’ (Set of 9 small books on the Companions)
‘Understanding Karbala’ by Siddiqa Juma
‘The Story of Ashura’ by Sh. Bahmanpour (comic style)
‘Wake Up and Weep for the Shuhada-e-Kerbala’ (Children of Dubai Jamaat)
‘The Young Hashimite Princess…Sakina Bintal Hussain’ (Children of Dubai Jamaat)

Am so sorry but don’t know how you can source all of these (try googling but not always possible) – those living in London however, can borrow these and more through the Children’s Islamic Library (

Also try

Anyone have any other good books they would recommend?

Muharram Idea 2 – Books

Muharram Idea 2 – Books

Idea No 2: Make the Event of Kerbala come to Life through Books

Alhamd there are a growing number of books available for children to understand the events of Kerbala – I have included the names and authors but will not include links to buy, as these often change over the years. Please do google them to find them!

  •  ‘The Alif, Baa, Taa of Kerbala’ which will teach children the Arabic alphabet through the tragic saga of Kerbala.

Book Review: Alif, Baa, Taa of Kerbala | Buzz Ideazz

  • Muharram Theatre Show by Safoo Publications

  • I am Karbala by Safoo Publications

  • I am Ashura by Safoo Publications

  • Hakima and Hadi Remember Imam Husain (as)

  • Pip, The Monster Who Lost His Heart by Amal Al-Aride

  • Pearls of Karbala

  • One of my memories growing up was reading Understanding Kerbala as a family during the 10 days of Muharram. This is one of the first children’s books that was published on Kerbala and is also sometimes sold with a tape to listen to. The illustrations are as amazing as the way in which the event is narrated.

IHRC Shop. Understanding Karbala / Siddiqa Juma

  • The Journey of Tears is available online as an e-book. It shares the events of Kerbala in simple English and is great to read out to children.

  • Check out ‘Yaseer and Zahra Meet the Heroes of Kerbala’ (and later, ‘Yaseer and Zahra Meet the Heroes of Shaam’) which shares the story in more of a child-friendly format as it is interwoven with the story of a pair of siblings.

Heroes of Karbala – hobbyhub

Also check out Yaseer and Zahra Meet The Saviour of Islam

Yasser and Zahra Meet The Saviour of Islam: Ali, Ibn, Abbas, Binte: 9781908110664: Books

  • For those children who prefer comic strips, why not check out Sheikh Bahmanpour’s book: ‘The Story of Ashura’

The Story of Ashura: Bahmanpour, Mohammad Saeed, Eghbali, Parviz, Bahmanpour, Narges: 9786008566571: Books

  • The companions of Imam Husayn are often less well known but a great series entitled ‘The Heroes of Kerbala’ covers their stories in detail.

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Hajj Idea 4 – Good Books on Hajj

Hajj Idea 4 – Good Books on Hajj

Read some good BOOKS on Eid-ul-Adha!

I’m not talking about the common textbook – there are some awesome Eid picture books and stories out there, which can be a perfect accompaniment to a presentation, or just for your bedtime story and cuddle with your little one.

Check out some of the titles below:

  • The Best Eid Ever by Asma Mobin Uddin
  • Peg and Cat – The Eid Al-Adha Adventure by Jennifer Oxley
  • Going to Mecca by Na’ima B. Robert
  • Little Batul’s Eid Celebration: the Most Pleasant Festival of Sacrifice by Munise Ulker
  • Yippee! It’s Eid-UL-Adha by Farjana Khan
  • The Lost Ring – An Eid Story by Fawzia Gilani-Williams
  • Husna and the Eid Party – An Eid Story by Fawzia Gilani-Williams
  • Three Muslim Festivals by Ibrahim Ali Aminah
  • Hajj by Saniyasnain Khan
  • Eid Al-Adha by Shalini Vallepur
  • Zaahir and Jamel the Came – Hajj by Amatullah al Marwani.A rhyming reader based on story of a young Muslim boy who goes for Hajj.
  • The Builder of the Kabah by Saniyasnain Khan. The story of how Prophet Ibrahim(a) built the Kabah.