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Islamic Montessori Material – Blog 11

Islamic Montessori Material – Blog 11

An up and coming blog to follow inshallah!

This talented Montessorian mum is filling a much needed space by making Montessori materials for Islamic topics – I have seen many of her activities that she has made and they are FANTASTIC. They are currently being used in our Madressa as well, to much success, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Follow her here for lots of ideas – most of which you will be able to make yourself in your homes!

C’est Tous

Well, that sums up the blog review! Althought technically, one or two were not blogs, I thought they were great resources so posted them anyway ;).

Hope you found lots of interesting and inspiring stuff to read and if you come across any good ones that haven’t been covered, please do post! Especially Muslim dad blogs…I saw a few but wasn’t too keen so didn’t review them so if there is one you know of and like, please share!

And on that note, Jummah Mubarak and have an awesome day all!

Blog 10

Blog 10: Children of Jannah – Sorrow to Serenity –

For my final blog review, i thought I would cover this little gem. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful things people are doing all over the world, especially in the face of loss and sadness.

From their site: “There is no loss more devastating than the death of a child. The symptoms of grief are more intense than with any other loss. The lives of parents and families are never the same. How do parents heal from the heartbreak? How can mothers accept what has happened and embrace life again?

Children of Jannah is an organisation that offers support to grieving families following the loss of a child. Scholars of Islam agree that a child who dies before reaching puberty enters Jannah without trial. The Children of Jannah live in eternal peace and tranquillity, free from any suffering or harm.”

The website will allow you to get a free e-book by Hafizah Ismail, which gives 11 powerful ways to help a mother find peace through the pain of child loss. Hafizah Ismail draws on her experience as a life coach and Muslim speaker to outline spiritual and practical steps based on Islamic teachings that equip grieving mothers with the tools to move from heartache to happiness.

Their facebook page is also a great resource, and allows you to keep up to date with their activities. They are very active too, Mashallah, with fundraising events at local hospitals being organised, so am sure there are plenty of ways to get involved 🙂

I pray that this is a source of comfort for those who need it, Inshallah…

They are on Facebook also:

Blog 9

Blog 9: Handmade Beginnings –

Another cute little blog which has many ideas on how to make Islam come alive in your house with different arts and crafts ideas.

I really enjoyed the variety of different ideas on how to reinforce the Arabic alphabet, such as the letter toss and paint bag writing, but most of all i loved the I Thank Allah frame idea, where she made a sun and each of the rays was something she (the blogger’s daughter) is thankful for. The end result was beautiful 🙂

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Happy reading and crafting 🙂