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Quran Recitation Teaching Ideas – Tanveer Shares

Here are some useful resources to help our children learn the recitation of the Quran in fun ways, and which appeal to all the different types of learners!

Here’s one for the Alphabet:

Here’s one for joining letters:

Here is a Quran Bingo game to use to assess the children:

Here is the template to download and use for the Quran Bingo.

And here’s one for the rules of Nun Sukun and Tanween:

Download the template and rules here.

Arabic Alphabet Series – Idea 7: Arabic Alphabet Games

Arabic Alphabet Series – Idea 7: Arabic Alphabet Games

Alhamdulillah, these days are are soooo many games available to allow children to get hands-on learning going…

Here are a few links to get you started:

– An Arabic wooden puzzle – can be with sound, or without sound:

– Alphabet blocks:

– Playdough Arabic letter shapes:

– Alphabet magnets:

– Arabic foam puzzle mate:

– How about this TWISTER style game:

JUST A NOTE: This is just a selection of the wonderful varieties out there!