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7th Imam – Resources on Imam Musa Kazim (as)

Here are some ideas in which we can mark his important day with children:

  • Create a Mystery Box:

Possible ideas of items:

  1. Black cloth – we wear black to mourn during sad occasions
  2. The # 7 – explain that he’s the 7th Imam
  3. An Angry Face – Explain how Imam Kazim (as) was the opposite of anger, but was known to be the one who swallowed his anger and was patient/calm.
  4. A map with Iraq circled – explain how he’s buried in Iraq.
  5. Picture of the harem of Imam Kazim (as) – explain how we go to Kadhmayn to do his ziyarat where he’s buried.
  6. Handcuffs/box, bicycle chain or any chain or mini cage – explain how he was put in a prison for most of his life even though he was such a good Muslim and our Imam, but the ones who made bad choices caused him to suffer.
  7. A bridge (from legos etc) – Explain how the Imam (as) was left by the bridge.
  8. Toy bread – Explain how he was given very little food while in prison.
  9. Janemaz or Du’a book: Explain how despite all the difficulties he endured, he never gave up his faith in Allah and in fact thanked Him, and continued to worship Him even in the prison.
  • Videos on the Imam:

This looks like a great short movie to watch on him! Just be aware that it might not be suitable for younger children:

  • Ahadith by the Imam to share with your children
  • For older kids, is a great site for more info on the Imam.

 * Thank you to Masooma Hydery Kalyan for compiling the original post!

7th Imam Activity

7th Imam Activity

Thank you to the mum and daughter team again for another inspiring activity!

“We had been discussing our 7th Imam Musa al Kadhim (as), who’s Wiladat and Shahadat are commemorated on the 7th and 25th of Rajab, respectively.

FZ wanted to make a pop up banner about our Imam and so that became our next activity!

Having first painted in a background scene on a large sheet of paper, FZ worked on the following pop up elements for her banner:

Imam’s family tree

A door representing his title of Babul Hawa’ij – Door to fulfilment of Wishes. FZ wrote down her dearest wish on the door – for Allah swt to hasten the Dhuhoor of Imame Zamana.

A simple model of our Holy Imam praying whilst in prison. We had discussed how he was so pious and had so much love for Allah swt that when he was imprisoned, he actually thanked Allah swt for the opportunity to worship him without any disturbances or distractions, Subhanallah! His love of prayer earned him the title of al Abd as Saleh – The Most Pious Worshipper.

A photograph of his shrine in Kadhmain, Iraq, where he is buried alongside our 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi al Jawad as.

A printout of our Qur’anic memorisation focus for this activity, which is from Suratul Hadid, Verse 4: ‘And He is with you wherever you are.’ We discussed how our 7th Holy Imam, and our Prophets and Masumeen in general, were faced with many trials in their lives, but they were at Peace because they always placed their trust in Allah swt and knew that He was with them.

A summary of the timeless lessons we can take from his blessed life. He was entitled Al Kadhim – One who swallows his anger. We discussed incidents from his life where he displayed so much kindness, generosity and patience, even with those who had treated him poorly.”