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Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 15: Books, books, books!

There are a growing number of books out there on the Imam. Here is a compilation:

  • ‘Where is My Imam?’ by Marhuma Shellina Kermalli

  • The Last Saviour – The Sun Behind The Clouds – by Fatemazahra Merali

The Last Saviour: Fatemazahra Merali: 9781518767364 ...

  • Where Could You Be? By Abis Kids

  • The Valuable Gift – Heavenly Children series by Kisa Kids

The Heavenly Children – Kisa Kids

  • Why Was He Named Al-Mahdi (AJ) – Blessed Names series by Kisa Kids

Children's Books » Tayyiba Publishers


Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 14: Workbooks and Resources on the 12th Imam

Know your imam 1

know your imam 2

know your Imam 3

know your imam 4

know your imam 5

folding instructions

  • Here is a wordsearch on Imam Mahdi (aj) by Islam From The Start
  • The video below has a wonderful activity idea on creating a board about the Imam.

Images needed for this activity are available here.

  • One mum put together a word search and questions on Sura Yasin for kids, as we will be reciting it three times on the 15th night. Check it out here.
  • Kisa Kids have a whole bunch of resources on the Imam, within their Spiritual Season booklets.
  • Here are some crafts and games on the Imam by Imam Mahdi (atjf) Awareness Campaign, including slides and ladders, bunting and more.
  • For older kids, why not get them to make a book just for learnings about the Imam? Then whatever they learn about the Imam can be jotted down or stuck down on there and it can be added to over the years.

  • Also for older kids, this Letters to My Imam journal has a lot of information about the Imam, as well as plenty of space to encourage children to write to him.
  • This online game on the Imam is a great one!




Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 12: Combine celebrations with a purpose – fundraising!

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 12: Combine celebrations with a purpose – fundraising!

Buzz Ideazz was at a fundraiser for Sudan over the weekend, which combined celebrations for 15th Shabaan with a very worthy cause! Why not organise something in your areas? Check out the photos below 🙂


Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 11: Celebrate Imam’s birthday – at home and with others :)

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 11: Celebrate Imam’s birthday – at home and with others :)

There is lots we can do to make the day of the Imam’s birthday special and exciting for our children. Here are some ideas:

  • In this post, we discussed ways to mark important events at home, such as decorating, baking, etc. Check the post for full details!
  • Another lovely idea shared was to have an empty frame somewhere – this signifies his missing presence. It can stay out throughout the year as a reminder also.
  • Share his birthday with others! We received this lovely surprise – a family sharing the love and joy of this day through a plate of fun! The letters spell LABAYK (pictured) – as the mum said: “The kids spent so much time saying it as they iced it, the know it by heart now.”
  • One mum baked treats with her kids, then they wrote a poem and a riddle as to who it was from using the Imam’s numbers (the number our Imam is times the number of panjatan add the number of Gods there are – that was the easy version, that hard version is pictured below!) – then they went and sneakily left it on their doorsteps and ran away for them to find and figure out 🙂

  • One mum did a treasure hunt for her kids! Here is the PDF for those that want to replicate it.

  • One mum baked with her kids and gave out these Sun Behind The Cloud cupcakes for the occasion! The suns are iced biscuits, and the clouds are made out of meringue 🙂

  • Why not hold a party for your children’s friends in honour of his birthday, with decorations, fancy clothes and yummy food?