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Super Protective Factor

by | Parenting

This is the final post on the latest topic of connecting with your children, as we will Inshallah be moving on to Muharram tomorrow.

However, this is definitely one that is last but not least as I have saved one of the best for the end ;). Do you remember when I was saying about how everything was coming together? Well I was googling a certain issue when I came across the Great Parenting Show (mentioned earlier). There the speaker that I needed to listen for my topic of interest was Patty Wipfler. Suddenly, her name came on Aha Parenting as well, and then I googled her specifically.

In a website that came up (which she founded), the focus is on the power of LISTENING (we may think we do but we don’t!). The three buzz words here are “staylistening”, “playlistening” and “special time”; DO have a browse and find out more about these; the beauty is they work universally and on any age, even adulthood!

Here’s the bit I really want to highlight – their blog, Super Protective Factor (the link below). This gives real life case studies of these techniques in action – again somehow, I always receive a blog post just when I need one!

Folks, I can personally attest to these techniques and it is mainly because of this that I was spurred on to share this latest series of posts with you. I hope and pray that these resources will help us take a step closer to connecting and bonding with our children, and inevitably make it easier to pass on our love for Islam to them.

Ilahi Ameen.