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Students Help Students Appeal

by | Charity

Remember our Fundraising Series not so long ago, where we shared ideas to encourage children to raise money for other children in need?

Here is another super example: the Students for Students Appeal. It’s oh-so-simple: the children collect sponsors to either recite a Tasbih, a Sura Fatiha or a Sura Yasin for their Marhumeen’s sawab.
The money all goes to helping equip labs in a girl’s college in Pakistan.

The potential for learning here for our children is immense – appreciation of the fact that they have all the facilities which they may take for granted, the opportunity to send blessings on their Marhumeen, the chance to recite a Sura (etc), the chance to save up for their Aakhira through Sawaab-e-Jaariya…the list is endless.

Why not have your kids take up the challenge? The sponsorship forms are all on the link below, as is more information!